Elasticsearch Remote Public Training  

Due to reduced need to travel, remote training will have far less impact on budgets, allowing larger numbers of staff to receive essential training. This program is ideal for organizations that wish to have customized learning experience with the same high-quality instruction that they would receive at a public training workshop. This form of training is also suitable for distributed teams (like ours). All our training programs are delivered by one of our experts — engineers who have written books, spoken at conferences and have many years of experience helping enterprise, medium and small organizations alike.  Depending on your level, you can choose from Intro to Elasticsearch – to understand all core Elasticsearch concepts – to Advanced Elasticsearch – to learn to use core Elasticseach capabilities. If you are interested only in logging, you should join Elasticsearch for Logging. Or, if you want to learn about everything you need to handle your Elasticsearch clusters in production, Elasticsearch Operations it’s all you need.   Learn more>


2-Day sessions | Class is scheduled from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m (ET).
If this time doesn’t work for you, send us a note at training@sematext.com or call us at +1 347-480-1610. and we can find a better timing.

Price $800 / participant

Upcoming Elasticsearch Remote Public Training Workshops

Class Date Location Registration
Intro to Elasticsearch Sep 25, 2017 – Sep 26, 2017 Remote
Elasticsearch Operations Sep 27, 2017 – Sep 28, 2017 Remote

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