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All training is delivered by one of our experts — engineers who have written books, spoken at conferences and have many years of experience helping enterprise, medium and small organizations alike.

Our 1 and 2-day Elasticsearch classes are delivered via a virtual classroom, on-site, or remotely.

  • Instructor-led and highly hands-on
  • Chalk-full of hard-earned tips and tricks that will save you time
  • Interactive, hands-on exercises
  • Covering basics and advanced Elasticsearch concepts

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Intro to Elasticsearch

After taking this class you will understand all core Elasticsearch concepts – data, master, and client nodes and their differences, sharding, replication, mapping, search relevance scores, etc. You will be able to index data into Elasticsearch and retrieve it using search and realtime get APIs

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Elasticsearch Operations

In this class you will learn about everything you need to handle your Elasticsearch clusters in production – from tuning OS and JVM for performance through commits, merge policies and caches, query routing, scrolling, thread pools, and so on

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Elasticsearch for Logging

This class will teach you how to set up and use Kibana and Timelion, build different types of visualizations, create dashboards, dig in with sub-aggregations, and use Kibana to search through data. We’ll cover log shipping with Logstash, various Beats, Logagent, and rsyslog, including various inputs, outputs, using Elasticsearch Ingest node, grok, and so on

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Advanced Elasticsearch

In this class you will learn to index data into Elasticsearch and retrieve it using search and realtime get APIs. You will have a solid grasp of the underlying query parsing, analysis, tokenization, and various types of queries. Finally, you will learn about a number of different types of Elasticsearch aggregations

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