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Centralized Logging, Log Management & Analytics has never been easier. Logsene is your ELK Stack in the Cloud or On Premises.


  • Take full control of how your data is indexed, searched and analyzed
  • All of your logs accessible to everyone in one place
  • Be up and running within minutes -- there is nothing to install or maintain
  • Easily integrates with our SPM performance monitoring and SSA site search analytics solutions for comprehensive data management

What's New

  • Create an unlimited number of Dashboards with Logsene graphs
  • More visual and intuitive UI
  • Ability to place Logsene log graphs alongside SPM’s performance graphs, on the same Dashboard, and correlate your performance with your application logs
  • And more… Check out our blog announcement for more info

Logsene provides us a flexible, extensible and reliable means of monitoring all of our environments in real time.

Zach David, Test Automation Lead - Healthgrades


  • Slice, dice, search and graph logs to spot trends and identify root causes
  • Fast search and filtering
  • Send data from servers, backend apps, mobile apps, sensors and other devices
  • Exposes Kibana and a simpler, alternative UI
  • See More Features...
    • Correlate logs with performance metrics, events, custom metrics, and business KPIs via SPM
    • Send and graph business data, not only IT logs
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  • Works with all standard logging facilities and agents (syslog, Logstash, Fluentd, Flume, etc.)
  • Exposes Elasticsearch API
  • No log shipping agent to download

We offer Logsene On Premises and Logsene AMIs if you’d rather run Logsene on your own servers or your own Cloud instances. Contact us for more info. All plans below include unlimited number of users, unlimited dashboards, and unlimited subscriptions.

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