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Sending and Extracting Log Data Has Never Been Easier


  • Take full control Of how your data is indexed, searched and analyzed
  • All of your logs accessible to everyone in one place
  • Be up and running within minutes ­­- there is nothing to install or maintain
  • Easily integrates with our SPM performance monitoring and SSA site search analytics solutions for comprehensive data management


  • Slice, dice, search and graph logs to spot trends and identify root causes
  • Fast search and filtering
  • Send data from servers, backend apps, mobile apps, sensors and other devices
  • Exposes Kibana and a simpler, alternative UI
  • See More Features...
    • Correlate logs with performance metrics, events, custom metrics, and business KPIs via SPM
    • Send and graph business data, not only IT logs
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  • Works with all standard logging facilities and agents (syslog, Logstash, Fluentd, Flume, etc.)
  • Exposes Elasticsearch API
  • No log shipping agent to download