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Logs Usage Screen

The Logs Usage screen provides insights into historical data concerning daily log volumes received and stored for Admins and Owners of the Logs Apps. It's important to note that there are no predefined limits to the number of logs you can store within your Logs App. However, selecting the optimal Daily Volume plan is crucial, as it directly impacts the $/GB price, ensuring cost-effectiveness. See Plan Recommendations.

Logs Usage Stored and Received

The costs are affected by the volume of data you send to a Logs App. When you transmit raw log messages to Sematext, a fixed rate of $0.1 per GB applies (received price), regardless of your plan, daily log volume, and retention selection. Once Sematext receives the logs, but before storing them, any defined pipeline processors are applied to structure or discard logs or portions of logs based on your specified pipeline conditions. Storage prices vary across plans, daily log volumes, and retention periods. Therefore, while you can send large amounts of data to Sematext, it's beneficial to filter out noise or unnecessary data to minimize storage expenses. This will not only reduce your costs, but also make your noise cleaner and easier to use.

Daily Log Volume and Cost Optimization

Selecting the appropriate Daily Volume plan is pivotal for achieving the optimal $/GB price. If the chosen Daily Volume is consistently exceeded, it can result in a higher $/GB price compared to selecting the next higher Daily Volume tier.

Going Over the Selected Daily Log Volume

It's imperative to understand that the GB/day volume serves as a benchmark for the cost per GB and is not a strict limit. Exceeding the selected Daily Volume doesn't lead to data rejection. Instead, any data over the chosen daily volume is tracked and added to the monthly cost using the $/GB rate corresponding to the selected Daily Volume. For added protection, consider using the Max Daily Volume feature, which enables the rejection of logs if the daily log volume exceeds a specified limit in GB.

The Daily Volume Limit and Max Daily Volume Limit can be easily set and modified from the Usage screen at any time. Additionally, the estimated monthly amount is displayed on the top right of the screen.

Logs Usage Daily Limits

Optimizing Daily Volume Selection

The selection of the Daily Volume tier directly impacts the per GB price. For instance, if you are consistently shipping close to 5 GB/day into a Logs App then opting for a 5 GB/day volume selection will result in a lower $/GB rate than if you selected the 1 GB/day Daily Log Volume. Therefore, aligning the Daily Volume with your actual log shipping volume ensures the more cost-effective pricing model.

Transparency in cost structures is a core value for us. We analyze the average daily log volume shipped to Logs Apps over the last 7 days. Based on this analysis, we recommend more suitable and cost-effective plans whenever available.

Once a better plan is detected, a green '$' icon will appear in the left menu panel of the Logs App and the plan suggestions will become visible in the Usage Screen, App Settings, and Manage Plan sections.

Logs Usage Plan Recommendations

See Plan Recommendations for more information.