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Sematext Team and Access Sharing

There are two levels of access rights:

  • Account Members - invite others to your whole account
  • App Guests - invite others only to a particular App

And a third option called:

  • Transfer Apps - transferring ownership status of an App to another user

You can assign three different Roles for users you give access to your account or particular Apps:

  • User
  • Admin
  • Billing Admin

And a fourth option:

  • Owner - assigned if you transfer the ownership of an App to another user.

Account Members vs. App Guests

Account members and App guests are not exclusive. You can use both of these two access types at the same time. You could share your account with some users, and share specific Apps with other users. However, if you invite another user to your account with an ADMIN role there is no point in also inviting them to any of your Apps - they will already have access to them just by switching into your account.

Account Members

By inviting a user to your account, you invite them to your whole account, so they get access to all your Apps, Dashboards, notification hooks, alert rules, and integrations.

They can also create new Apps under your account and invite other users. Depending on the role you assign to invitees, they may be able to administer your Apps, Dashboards, users and even billing info (change App plan, assign credit card, etc).

Account Sharing is very convenient because as soon as a new Sematext App is added to your account or new Dashboard is created, all users added to your account get access to it. Of course, the level of access depends on the role you assigned to each person.

App Guests

App Guests is restricted only to a particular App. Nothing besides the shared App is accessible to the invited user.

Note: Dashboards are at the account level and can thus be shared only through account Members.

This option is useful if you want to be restrictive about which Apps can be seen by others or what kind of changes they can make.

By only configuring App Guests, guests can't see or edit alert rules created by your team, they can't use your team's notification hooks, meaning they're limited only to the App they have access to.

Transfer Apps

No level of Access can change the Owner status of an App. To transfer the ownership of an App, use the Transfer Apps feature. Click the Start Ownership Transfer button to open the side modal, select an App, click Transfer to... to proceed, enter the email of the user you want to transfer the App to, and hit Transfer Ownership.

Team Account

If you want to share Apps, Dashboards, etc. with others, or use Sematext as a team or company, we recommend creating one account that is not tied to any individual's email. Instead, if you have a group/team email such as dev@... or engineering@... or monitoring@... or even sematext@... at your organization, we suggest you sign up with that email and then invite to that account everyone else who needs to be able to access Apps, Dashboards, Alert Rules, etc. in that account. This way all assets created in Sematext remain in this team account and when individuals leave the company their access to this account can easily be removed with just a few clicks.

Typical use of Roles in an Organization or Team

Typically you might have one person create an account by signing up. This account might be considered a parent account for your whole organization or team.

  • Owner - that is the account itself and its role is called OWNER
  • Admin - invited users can be given the ADMIN role, which gives them read, write, and invite rights
  • User - the USER role grants read rights and limited write rights
  • Billing Admin - the BILLING_ADMIN is able to define, edit, and delete credit cards and choose plans to be used for Apps in the account.