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Alerts Notifications

The primary purpose of alert rules is to send notifications when triggered. This is the job of Notification Hooks.

For most of these notification hooks, you will first need to create that third party service and obtain the required API keys and/or other tokens in order to establish communication between that service and Sematext Cloud. The image below shows a third party notification hook integration being created, Slack in this example.

Sematext Cloud - Slack Notification Hook

SMS Notification Hooks

You can use Sematext's email Notification Hook to receive alert notifications via SMS / text:

  • Verizon: [phone number] (sms)
  • AT&T: [phone number] (sms) / [phone number] (mms)
  • T-Mobile: (sms+mms)
  • Virgin mobile: [phone number]

SMS notifications can also be enabled by integrating Sematext Notification Hooks with 3rd-party services like Twilio. For further information, please see SMS/Text Alerts Integration.

Email Notification Hooks

An email notification hook is created automatically during signup. Additional notification hooks can be created on the Notification Hooks view that is part of Alerts menu.

Sematext Alerts