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What is an App?

Apps act as containers for your data. You can store performance metrics or logs about servers, containers, software, programming languages and databases. Our Apps have dozens of monitoring integrations with software like Docker, AWS, Solr, Elasticsearch, and many more, while our log integration works with several different log shippers. Every App is isolated and standalone.

Managing Access

Because Apps are standalone, they can be configured to give access to certain roles. You can create custom access roles for different members of your team. This also allows you to transfer the ownership of an App to another member. All configurations and settings will be kept after the transfer. Having role-based access control for every single App in Sematext Cloud makes it easier for you to manage both Apps and team members.

Better Cost Management

Unlike virtually all other monitoring solutions, in Sematext Cloud you do not have to pick a single plan for your whole account. Instead, pricing is defined per-App. Thus, you can choose a different plan for different sets of metrics, logs, traces, etc. With that you can also pick different data retention.

This gives you, the user, more fine grained control over your costs, as you can see on the pricing page.

After learning what an App is, you can check out the guides for our main features.