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Hiring: Data Mining, Analytics, Machine Learning Hackers

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If you want to work with search, big data mining, analytics, and machine learning, and you are a positive, proactive, independent creature, please keep reading.We are looking for devops to hack on Sematext’s new products and services, as well as provide services to our growing list of clients.  Working knowledge of Mahout or statistics/machine learning/data mining background would be a major plus.

Skills & experience (the more of these you have under your belt the better):

  • Data mining and/or machine learning (Mahout or …)
  • Big data (HBase or Cassandra or Hive or …)
  • Search (Solr or Lucene or Elastic Search or …)

More about an ideal you:

  • You are well organized, disciplined, and efficient
  • You don’t wait to be told what to do and don’t need hand-holding
  • You are reliable, friendly, have a positive attitude, and don’t act like a prima donna
  • You have an eye for detail, don’t like sloppy code, poor spelelling and typous
  • You are able to communicate complex ideas in a clear fashion in English, clean and well designed code, or pretty diagrams

Optional bonus points:

  • You like to write or speak publicly about technologies relevant to what we do
  • You are an open-source software contributor

A few words about us:

We work with search and big data (Lucene, Solr, Nutch, Hadoop, MapReduce, HBase, etc.) on a daily basis and we present at conferences.  Our projects with external clients range from 1 week to several months.  Some clients are small startups, some are large international organizations.  Some are top secret.  New customers knock on our door regularly and this keeps us busy at pretty much all times.  When we are not busy with clients we work on our products.  We run and  We participate in open-source projects and publish monthly Digest posts that cover Lucene, Solr, Nutch, Mahout, Hadoop, Hive, and HBase.  We don’t write huge spec docs, we work in sprints, we multitask, and try our best to be agile. We send people to conferences, trainings (Hadoop, HBase, Cassandra), and certifications (2 of our team members are Cloudera Certified Hadoop Developers).

We are a small and mostly office-free, highly distributed team spanning 3 continents and 6 countries.  We communicates via email, Skype voice/IM, BaseCamp.  Some of our developers are in Eastern Europe, so we are especially open to new team members being in that area, but we are also interested in good people world-wide, from South America to Far East.

Interested? Please send your resume to jobs @ feel free to check out our other positions.