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Announcement: Logstash Support for SolrCloud

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While using Elasticsearch for log indexing is all the rage these days (and this is one of the reasons Logsene exposes an Elasticsearch API), especially from Logstash which has had an Elasticsearch output for a long time now, there is no reason one could not index logs into Solr – SolrCloud, more specifically.

To help people get their logs into Solr(Cloud) we wrote up a simple Logstash output for Solr(Cloud) and made it available in LOGSTASH-1405, with the accompanying pull request 675.

Give it a try and ping @sematext – we’d love to know if anyone finds this useful!

And if this is of interest, consider coming to Dublin to hear Using Solr to Search and Analyze Logs, which is one of our four talks at this year’s Lucene Revolution conference in Dublin.