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Logtrail + Kibana = Retro Terminal Experience

Logtrail is a popular Kibana plugin that makes Kibana look like Papertrail. Sematext’s Logtrail view in Kibana gives you the terminal-like experience of exploring logs without the pain of needing to ssh into machines.  With Logtrail you can see new logs appearing at the bottom of the screen instead of the top screen, you can filter logs like with grep, and “jump” to different parts of the log stream like when using less.  If you miss looking at logs via the terminal, this is as close as it gets without actually using the terminal.

Logtrail provides:

  • Searching and viewing of log events from a centralized clean & developer friendly interface
  • Live tail (updated every 10 seconds)
  • Filtering of aggregated logs by hosts and program
  • Quick seeking to logs based on time
  • Highlighting of search matches
  • Configuring of displayed fields

Papertrail alternative Logtrail embedded in Kibana

You can launch Logtrail from Sematext Cloud with 3 simple steps:

1) Login and select any of your Logs App

2) On the top right, select App Actions -> Open Logs in Kibana
3) Once Kibana is launched, select Logtrail icon (L) on left side navigation bar

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