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Introducing MinIO Support in Sematext

Sematext Logs is a Log Management-as-a-service. Think of it as your own central location for logs in the cloud. If you prefer or need to keep logs in your own environment instead of shipping it to the cloud Sematext Enterprise, designed to run on your own infrastructure, makes that possible.

You can collect logs from any part of your software stack or infrastructure, IoT devices, network hardware, and much more. By using log shippers you centralize and index logs from everywhere into a single, centralized place, Sematext Logs.

Besides searching, filtering, alerting functionality used daily by DevOps, SREs, and others, lots of organizations – and especially large enterprises – often need to archive their logs for an extended period of time, usually for compliance reasons. Based on the research we’ve done at Sematext, MinIO is the leading on-premises AWS S3-compatible storage solution.  Thus, we wanted to ensure MinIO users can use it for their log archiving needs.  We’ve put MinIO through our tests and were happy to see that it was truly S3-compatible as advertised and that MinIO users and customers can indeed use MinIO to archive their logs centralized in Sematext. 

Configuring Sematext to archive logs to MinIO is straightforward, as shown in the screenshot below.

Because log archiving needs write permission, the verification process first attempts to write a dummy file into the bucket in MinIO using the specified settings and report back a success or an error message. 

Logs are archived in real-time, in small batches and, as seen in the screenshot above, they are optionally compressed. By using MinIO with Sematext organizations can have complete control over their log archiving process.  In our experience, organizations reach for MinIO when they:

  • Want to keep log data within their own infrastructure
  • Have more stringent security needs
  • Want to speed up the archiving process and make it seamless

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