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Metrics, Traces, Logs, Real User Monitoring

Full-Stack Observability for DevOps

For agile devops running dynamic infrastructure Metrics, Traces, Logs, Alerts, and Events in one Stop painful troubleshooting using multiple tools Find root causes of issues faster and with less effort

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Sematext Enterprise

Like Sematext Cloud...
...but running on your own infrastructure

While Sematext Cloud is a fully managed SaaS, Sematext Enterprise is all yours to download and run. Other than that, they are exactly the same, offering infrastructure monitoring (including container monitoring), application monitoring, log management, alerting, real user monitoring, etc.

Why Sematext Enterprise?

In short, because using multiple vendors' siloed solutions for APM, log management, infrastructure monitoring, and real user monitoring is painful for people using them – think context-switching, and it's painful for the wallet – think multiple licenses. Who wants to use multiple disparate solutions to troubleshoot one issue when there is an option of using a single, unified solution?

Sematext puts metrics, logs, traces, alerts, events, anomalies, real user monitoring, etc. at your fingertips and lets you seamlessly analyze and correlate them. When all operational data are together troubleshooting is simpler, downtimes are shorter, recovery is faster, and revenue loss is minimized.

Map and monitor your whole Infrastructure in real-time

Monitor your servers, database, network and more.

Brings together server monitoring, database monitoring, network monitoring, inventory monitoring, JVM monitoring and metrics auto-correlation.

Monitor your infrastructure

View your complete infrastructure as a dynamic network map, not only monitor its metrics and health but see its overall performance seamlessly and easily.

Easily uncover your slowest database transactions

Get complete health overview of your MySQL, PostgreSQL, and other databases. Use Transaction Tracing to uncover your slowest database transactions.

Get real-time visibility into business-critical transactions


Collect data about how your application is performing

Get Transaction Tracing of your application from frontend to backend. Explore interdependencies & bottlenecks in real-time with auto-generated AppMaps.


Measure the actual user experience

Discover & dig into the details of slow, fragile or buggy parts of your application. Improve speed and overall performance..


Trace your key business transactions

Define Custom Pointcuts and trace your key business transactions to find the root cause of slow or buggy parts of your application.

Hassle-free Log Management


Your fully managed ELK Stack in the Cloud or on-premise

The combination of the Elasticsearch API and a fully integrated Kibana gives you the power of the ELK stack while relieving you of management hassles and high expert staff costs.


Ship and visualize logs: The way you want

Use any data shipper you like and access data via integrated Kibana, Sematext Cloud UI, or your own Kibana, Grafana, Apache Zeppelin.


Easily pinpoint logs of interest

Use query filters to pinpoint logs you really want to alert on (e.g. severity:ERROR). Combine Live Tail with queries and filters to narrow the live log stream to only logs of interest. Yes, like “tail -f | grep”.


Easily locate errors that broke your app

Locate the log message with the error that broke your app. Then use Log Event Content to see what happened before and after.

Improve your customers' digital experience with Real User Monitoring


Real-time Automatic Alerts

Detect anomalies and receive alerts when the end-user experience is affected by website performance issues


Improved Digital Experiences

Map your entire customers' journey in real-time. Discover user satisfaction insights and prevent customer loss due to poor performance


Inspect Individual Sessions

Inspect individual sessions and drill into page-level details.


Fully Integratable

Integrated with Logs, Application Monitoring, and Infrastructure Monitoring

Need an In-house Troubleshooting Solution?

Contact us to discuss your needs. Sematext Enterprise team will help you assess your on premise requirements.

100+ OOTB Integrations

Use any of the compatible log shippers, logging libraries, platforms, and frameworks to make the most out of your logs. We provide over 100 apps and native integrations to give you out-of-the-box visibility into the technologies that power your applications.

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You're in good hands.

We have customers that span from dozens of companies whose products and services you use every day to startups that you haven't heard of… yet.

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Our Deliant Application Monitoring & Troubleshooting has become simplified with Sematext Cloud.
Sematext Cloud provides the best APM characteristics to visualize our organization's architecture, its state of operation, and health status in its dashboard. Troubleshooting is done fast with the help of its user logs, metrics, and traces in a single unified view. Using Application token and API keys, we gain effective control over our log access, and each log is encrypted with TLS/SSL standards. It provides real-time anomaly detection whenever there is a drastic deviation in log counts. Archiving these logs is also effortless thanks to its seamless integration with Amazon S3.

Komal J. Software Developer