Sematext Engineering

Meet the people behind Sematext’s products and services, people who contribute to open-source, who blog, write books, and present at conferences. Join us!
  • We have built and are building several different products and there are more in the queue. This means more diversity, more new and interesting work is ahead.
  • Although we are a product company, the consulting side of Sematext is a well-established practice – we have worked with well over two hundreds of clients and projects around the planet. Every project is slightly different and keeps our work interesting.
  • We are small and agile, but some of our products and our client engagements are of truly massive scale.
  • We contribute to open-source (see sematext@github) and encourage open-source participation. Some of us are open-source veterans (not just users, but contributors).
  • We are regulars at conferences and like to give talks.
  • You’ll work with and learn from great engineers and be continually challenged to improve your skills. However, if you are afraid of learning, challenges, or want easy and simple work, then we are not your best choice.
  • We work with a wide range of modern technologies: search (e.g. Lucene, Solr, Elasticsearch, Sensei), big data (e.g. Hadoop, HBase, Voldemort, Flume), linguistic (Key Phrase Extractor, Language Identifier), machine learning (e.g. Recommendation Engine).
  • There is no ugly, old legacy code and everything we do is done with large scale, high performance, and ease of management/operations in mind.
  • We actively collaborate with academia.
  • There are no VCs involved and nobody to tell us what to work on, what we can or cannot do.
The best things I love about working in Sematext are open-minded and friendly team, working on the bleeding edge of new technologies and company’s direction towards building a team of experts, not just coders.”
Vladimir Tretyakov – Sematext Engineer
Helping Sematext to explore new ideas, seek out new opportunities, and create awareness all over the globe.”
Mick Emmett – Sales and Marketing
It is pleasure working on a team that is engaged and where everyone shares what they know. Ubi concordia, ibi victoria.”
Goran Bajić – UX and Front End Sematext Engineer
I always wanted to be a part of a company working on challenging and interesting projects involving Search and Big Data. So after I joined Sematext I finally have a chance to work with it everyday. Now I only have to worry about how not to became a workaholic :)”
Rafal Kuć – Sematext Engineer
I love challenges and learning new technologies. Solving big problems brings big satisfaction and Sematext is definitely a place that provides such environment.”
Paweł Róg – Sematext Engineer
I’ve always liked to explore different programming languages and cutting edge open source technologies. That was previously often taken as a distraction, with a facial expression of “here he goes again”. Since I’ve started working at Sematext I have finally found a group of people where my “obsession” is taken as a virtue. And that’s a great feeling!”
Marko Bonaći – Sematext Engineer

External Open Source Projects

Some of the other projects we’ve contributed to over the years in one form or another:

Sematext Open Source Projects

Sematext loves open source software (OSS). We help our customers with a number of OSS search, data processing, and analytics technologies and we use OSS to build our products. We also give back in form of contribution to existing OSS projects, participation in the community, or by open-sourcing new software we’ve built in-house. We are always looking for bright people. If you want to work on stuff like this check out jobs at Sematext.