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Definition: What is Dynatrace?

Dynatrace is a software intelligence platform designed to help organizations monitor, optimize, and manage the performance of their applications, infrastructure, and digital experiences. It provides real-time insights into the performance of complex environments, including cloud-native applications, microservices, and hybrid infrastructures.

Dynatrace Key Features

  • Full-stack monitoring – Full observability for apps, microservices, and networks
  • Infrastructure Monitoring – Observability for networks, containers, cloud platforms, and data center technology.
  • Application Security – Application vulnerability analysis and threat protection
  • Real-User Monitoring – Records user actions and collects valuable insights into real user encounters.
  • Synthetic Monitoring – Mimics user engagements to evaluate website functionality and assess performance.
  • Log Management and Analytics – Collects, stores, and analyzes ingested log data.


What is Dynatrace used for?

Organizations rely on Dynatrace to keep an eye on and improve application performance, enhance the way they develop software and ensure security, take care of their IT systems, and make sure users have the best experiences possible.

How does Sematext compare to Dynatrace?

Sematext and Dynatrace are nearly identical in functionality. They both offer Infrastructure Monitoring, Real User Monitoring, Synthetic Monitoring, and Log Management/Analysis. The biggest difference, however, lies in the pricing. Dynatrace prices their solutions based on hours or requests, causing the price to skyrocket at scale.

Want more details? Check out our page on Sematext vs Dynatrace.

What is Dynatrace OneAgent?

Dynatrace’s OneAgent is a specialized software that users install into their target system. This software gathers all the monitoring data in the environment you’re keeping an eye on.

How much does Dynatrace cost?

Dynatrace offers a few solutions and charges users based on the solution you want to use:

  • Full-stack Monitoring starts at $0.08 per hour for 8 GiB host
  • Infrastructure monitoring starts at $0.04 per hour for any size host
  • Application security starts at $0.018 per hour for 8 GiB host
  • Real-User Monitoring starts at $0.00225 per session
  • Synthetic Monitoring starts at $0.001 per synthetic request
  • Log Management and analytics starts at $0.20 per ingested and processed GiB + $0.0007 per GiB per day for retention + $0.0035 per GiB for queries

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