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Sematext vs Dynatrace

Dynatrace is powerful, but it's very expensive. Sematext offers much of the same functionality, but at a fraction of the cost.

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Sematext VS Dynatrace

Why Choose Sematext?

Sematext VS Datadog

Affordable, full-stack observability.

Sematext offers Log Management, Synthetic Monitoring, Real User Monitoring, Infrastructure Monitoring, and any combination. All you have to do is choose the plans, retention, and data ingestion to meet your needs.

Sematext VS Datadog

No sales quotas.

Our goal is to make sure you're getting exactly what you need, nothing more and nothing less. Every plan comes with zero commitments. You can leave, upgrade, or downgrade whenever you want. No sales calls, no sales quota.

Sematext VS Datadog

Fast and reliable support team you can count on.

In any circumstance, whether it's through email, live chat, or phone calls, you will have a premium experience and be a priority to us.

Slash Log monitoring & analysis cost by 55%.

Dynatrace's log management pricing may seem reasonable at first glance, but can quickly become expensive. They charge $0.20 per GiB ingested and $0.0007 per GiB per day retained. For 1GB ingested and 7 days retention, that's $6 ingestion + $0.0049 retention = $6.0049 per month. However, Dynatrace also charges $0.0035 per GiB for queries. With 7GB stored and queries every 10 minutes, that's an extra $3.5 per day, or $111 per month total.

Sematext not only offers you Logs Basics for free, but the pricing starts at a flat rate of $50 per month for 1GB ingested and 7 days retention with no extra fees for queries. Compared to Dynatrace's $111 for the same parameters, Sematext provides up to 55% savings on log management.

Sematext VS Datadog

87% lower bill on infrastructure monitoring.

Dynatrace charges $0.04 per hour per host. Breaking it down into small numbers might make it seem like you're getting a steal, but let's do the math on that.

$0.04 per hour per host means that you'll be paying $0.04 x 24(hours) per day. That's $0.96 per day—still a relatively small number. However, you multiply that by 30 days in the month, and you'll end up paying $28.80 per host!

Sematext charges only $3.60 per host for the entire month. That's an incredible 87% that you're saving with Sematext on the same service.

Sematext VS Datadog

Real-user monitoring at 1/3 of the price.

Dynatrace charges $0.00225 per session for their Real User Monitoring. Again, this is a small and relatively digestible number. But how does it scale?

This entirely depends on your sessions. If we assume that you get 100,000 sessions per month, you're going to be paying $225 per month.

Sematext starts at $9 per month for 25,000 page views and 7 days of retention. Even if 1 session = 4 views, you'd still be looking at $14 for Dynatrace and only $9 for Sematext. That's 36% that you're saving at minimum with Sematext.

Sematext VS Datadog

Reduce Synthetic Monitoring Costs by 95%.

Dynatrace charges $0.001 per synthetic request. If you configure an HTTP monitor with 1 min interval from a single location then the monthly price will be $0.001 * 1440 minutes per day * 30 days in a month = $43/month.

Sematext, on the other hand, is only $2 per HTTP monitor, good for up to 200,000 runs, and $7 per browser monitor, good for up to 15,000 runs. But, if you have more than 16 monitors and opt for the Standard or Pro packages, the price per monitor will go down. The Standard plan starts at $29 per month for 40 HTTP Monitors and 5 Browser Monitors, while the Pro plan starts at $99 per month for 100 HTTP Monitors and 15 Browser Monitors.

Overall, with a single HTTP monitor, you're looking at a minimum of 95% savings with Sematext.

Sematext VS Datadog

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