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Akka performance monitoring



Metric Name Key Agg Type Description
'collection time' akka.jvm.gc.collection.time Sum Long
'collection count' akka.jvm.gc.collection.count Sum Long
max akka.memory.pool.max Avg Long
committed akka.memory.pool.committed Avg Long
used akka.memory.pool.used Avg Long
'max' Max Long
'min' Min Long
'max' Max Long
'min' Min Long
'count' Sum Long
http requests count tracing.akka.requests Sum Long
max response time tracing.akka.requests.time.max Max Long
50% response time tracing.akka.requests.time.p50 Avg Long
min response time tracing.akka.requests.time.min Min Long
90% response time tracing.akka.requests.time.p90 Avg Long
99% response time tracing.akka.requests.time.p99 Avg Long
'loaded' Max Long
'currently loaded' akka.jvm.classes.loaded Max Long
'unloaded' akka.jvm.classes.unloaded Max Long
trace error count tracing.akka.requests.errors Sum Long
4xx tracing.akka.requests.errors.4xx Sum Long
5xx tracing.akka.requests.errors.5xx Sum Long
min value akka.custom.histogram.min Min Long
count akka.custom.counter.count Sum Long
90% akka.custom.histogram.p90 Avg Long
max value akka.custom.min.max.counter.max Max Long
99% akka.custom.histogram.p99 Avg Long
max value akka.custom.gauge.max Max Long
50% akka.custom.histogram.p50 Avg Long
min value akka.custom.min.max.counter.min Min Long
max value akka.custom.histogram.max Max Long
min value akka.custom.gauge.min Min Long
'queued tasks' Max Long
'core pool size' akka.dispatcher.executor.pool.core Max Long
'pool size' akka.dispatcher.executor.pool Max Long
'max pool size' akka.dispatcher.executor.pool.max Max Long
'active threads' Max Long
'parallelism' Max Long
'processed tasks' akka.dispatcher.executor.tasks.processed Max Long
'running threads' Max Long
'min' akka.router.processing.time.min Min Long
'min' akka.router.routing.time.min Min Long
'min' akka.router.mailbox.time.min Min Long
'count' akka.router.processing.errors Sum Long
'max' akka.router.routing.time.max Max Long
'max' akka.router.processing.time.max Max Long
'max' akka.router.mailbox.time.max Max Long


Why are some of the metric charts empty?

Some of the charts show metrics that are available only if you are using Kamon 0.6.x. In Kamon 1.x some of those metrics have been removed.