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[expand - 5 more] - Easy Steps to Export EDB to PST - Docker - [mail # user]
...It is another free method to extract Exchange mailboxes from EDB files. Using Exchange Management Shell, you can extract EDB file to PST in Exchange Server 2007 and later versions. EMS uses ...
   Author: Lewish95 , Henrywilson641 , ... , 2020-01-23, 15:21
Support metrics in the `ec2_metadata` transform - Vector - [issue]
...We should be able to support metrics in the ec2_metadata transform by adding metric labels. I'm unsure if this should be supported in the same transform or a different one given that the fie...    Author: binarylogic , 2020-01-23, 15:21
[expand - 2 more] - Reading variables from keyboard - Docker - [mail # user]
...Thank you very much for sharing the solution as it can help future users :blush:---...
   Author: Connie Johnson , Jaceksiek , ... , 2020-01-23, 15:17
[expand - 2 more] - Is there a setting I can change to have docker check for updated images, instead of using its cache forever? - Docker - [mail # user]
...Thank you, but I can't relate your answer to my question.---...
   Author: Doug Reeder , Metin Y. , ... , 2020-01-23, 15:15
Audit needed for - Sensu - [issue]
...This is an issue with: Bug (site functionality or styling) Errata (fix needed for doc content) New content (guide wanted) Update (Add missing or refresh existing content)...    Author: hillaryfraley , 2020-01-23, 15:13
[expand - 2 more] - Limit size of docker container - Docker - [mail # user]
...Base  **size**  is the  **maximum size**  that a  **container** /image can grow to. By default we  **limit containers**  to 10G. In Devicemapper, new  ...
   Author: Lewish95 , Andreas Lindgrén , ... , 2020-01-23, 15:12
Fix the overflow while parsing ipv6 addr inside net_udp.go - Prometheus - [issue]
...Hey @pgier, Hey @discordianfish, Hey @SuperQCurrently inside the net_udp.go while parsing the local_addr and remote_addr fields based on ipv6, uint64 is not enough. So, I decided to use []ui...    Author: peterbueschel , 2020-01-23, 15:12
[expand - 1 more] - Is it possible to run containers on android devices? - Docker - [mail # user]
...You can actually run Fedora (and not only) image on top of the Termux and then launch Python inside. This is obviously not a docker, but might be helpful.Docker abstracts the OS and that is ...
   Author: Lewish95 , Kit Plummer , ... , 2020-01-23, 15:11
Add Kibana tutorial for Statsd Metricbeat module - Kibana - [pullrequest]
...Signed-off-by: ChrsMark [EMAIL PROTECTED]SummaryThis PR adds Kibana tutorial for Statsd Metricbeat Module.part of: elastic/observability-dev#382ChecklistUse strikethroughs to remove checklis...    Author: ChrsMark , 2020-01-23, 15:09
Explicitly test custom appRoutes - Kibana - [issue]
...SummaryDev DocsTests for custom appRoutes are now more clear and explicitly separate from those that test other rendering service interactions.ChecklistUse strikethroughs to remove checklist...    Author: eliperelman , 2020-01-23, 15:08