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Add list target type support to the `scan` roster. - Saltstack - [issue]
...What does this PR do?A small change for scan roster type to make salt-ssh able to address a list of minions.What issues does this PR fix or reference?Fixes #52675Previous BehaviorThe tgt_typ...    Author: DmitryKuzmenko , 2019-05-23, 21:32
cleanup watcher code - Kibana - [issue]
...This PR addresses the following:Fixed bug when specifying ms for the triggered time for simulating a watchRemoved trailing } on the history details flyoutRemoved info from the watcher readme...    Author: alisonelizabeth , 2019-05-23, 21:29
Move Expression typings from Canvas to OSS Interpreter - Kibana - [issue]
...SummaryThis is a first pass at moving the Canvas Expression Function types that @clintandrewhall worked on over to OSS so they can be exported from the interpreter for use by other plugins.R...    Author: lukeelmers , 2019-05-23, 21:28
[ML] Prevent overflow of large metric values in data visualizer/file data visualizer cards - Kibana - [issue]
...SummaryFix for: #30817Truncate overflowing values in cards with ellipsis and decrease min/median/max value font size to 14px.Due to the variety of possible formatted values that could be com...    Author: alvarezmelissa87 , 2019-05-23, 21:27
[Monitoring] Used fixed_interval explicitly for date_histogram aggregations - Kibana - [issue]
...Relates to #27410The interval field for date_histogram aggregations is deprecated and is replaced by either specifying fixed_interval or calendar_interval. This comment leads me to believe t...    Author: chrisronline , 2019-05-23, 21:25
[APM] Transaction names ending in a "/" shows no transactions details - Kibana - [issue]
...Kibana version:Elastic Cloud - v6.6.1Browser version:Chrome 72.0.3626.119Safari 12.0.3Browser OS version:MacOS 10.14.3Original install method (e.g. download page, yum, from source, etc.):Ela...    Author: jornki , 2019-05-23, 21:24
[2019.2] Merge forward from 2018.3 (Includes move to nox) - Saltstack - [issue]
...What does this PR do?Merge forward from 2018.3Conflicts:doc/man/salt-api.1doc/man/salt-call.1doc/man/salt-cloud.1doc/man/salt-cp.1doc/man/salt-key.1doc/man/salt-master.1doc/man/salt-minion.1...    Author: s0undt3ch , 2019-05-23, 21:22
Modularization of "run job later" jobs reschedule routines - Rundeck - [issue]
...This PR provides some modularization of code to reschedule ad-hoc scheduled jobs ("Run job later"), in order to be able to validate and reschedule a list of such executions....    Author: ahormazabal , 2019-05-23, 21:20
Share panel does not show "Embed" tab, just "Link" and "Snapshot" - Grafana - [mail # user]
...While showing a friend how to embed a panel in a web page, we discovered that his Grafana does not offer the Embed tab in the Share panel. We have identical setup, latest of Hassio and add-o...
   Author: Louis Demers via Grafana ... , 2019-05-23, 21:19
[Lens] Add basic Lens xy chart suggestions - Kibana - [issue]
...Add initial (basic) xy chart suggestions.NotesI'm not entirely sure what we should return from the initialize function, if there is no existing state. I'm currently returning an invalid stat...    Author: chrisdavies , 2019-05-23, 21:15