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Trouble integrating custom module_utils module - Ansible - [mail # user]
...We do not currently support importing custom module_utils from anythingother than a module.  As such, no other custom plugin types can import froma custom module_utils.See https://githu...
   Author: Matt Martz , 2019-01-14, 22:24
foo.changed vs foo|changed - Ansible - [mail # user]
...There is a difference, in fact the preferred syntax is actually `when: foois changed`There is no guarantee that the attribute will exist on a returned object.In addition to handling a non ex...
   Author: Matt Martz , 2019-01-14, 16:54
Re: vmware_vm_inventory plugin, how is it supposed to be used ? - Ansible - [mail # user]
...I've looked at the plugin a little more closely just now, and it looks tobe missing this functionality completely.  I've logged an issue for this at
   Author: Matt Martz , 2018-12-21, 16:14
[expand - 1 more] - Converted "with_items" play to new-style loop, now it is failing - Ansible - [mail # user]
...`with_items` is not deprecated for package manager modules either.  What isdeprecated is "squash actions".More info can be found at
   Author: Matt Martz , 2018-12-18, 21:35
Ansible 2.7 - what replace yum+with_lines' - Ansible - [mail # user]
...You can pretty much update it to be:yum:  name: "{{ lookup('lines', 'cat /etc/ansible/path/files/yum_packages.txt')}}"The message indicating it looks a little misleading there.  I'...
   Author: Matt Martz , 2018-12-05, 15:16
"flush_handlers task does not support when conditional"...?? - Ansible - [mail # user]
...A when statement supplied to flush_handlers has never worked.  It wassilently ignored in the past, but now has a warning.There is an open feature request to allow this to work:https://g...
   Author: Matt Martz , 2018-11-29, 19:15
new module: TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable - Ansible - [mail # dev]
...A quick look seems to indicate that `do_stanza` may sometimes return `None`due to the indentation of the `return` at the bottom.You would need to ensure that `do_stanza` always returns the t...
   Author: Matt Martz , 2018-11-15, 15:24
ssh client config referenced by ssh_args in ansible.cfg - Ansible - [mail # user]
...`ssh_args` cannot utilize shell expansions such as `~`.On the command line this works because your shell expands it.  In anansible.cfg file, they are not expanded.  You would need ...
   Author: Matt Martz , 2018-11-14, 23:36
Working Docker image for Ansible Galaxy - Ansible - [mail # user]
...Thad, there is no docker image for galaxy. I'll paste a response that I sawthe other day:The docker image was intended to be used by the installer. Since therelease of 3.0, the installer no ...
   Author: Matt Martz , 2018-11-09, 00:56
getting error [WARNING]: Unable to parse /etc/ansible/hosts as an inventory source - Ansible - [mail # user]
...The pip method of installation doesn't not create the /etc/ansible nor anydefault files that go there.OS packages will often do so.This is not a problem, that just happens to be a default pl...
   Author: Matt Martz , 2018-10-25, 23:28