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Rich alert messages in notifications - Grafana - [issue]
...It should be possible to create rich custom alert messages.Rich textImages of other refereed dashboards...    Author: bergquist , 2019-09-13, 14:38
Docs and guides for developing backend plugins - Grafana - [issue]
...How hashi corps plugins lib work. How do we use it within Grafana Mixing frontend and backend content An example in Go. Backend version of simplejson might be a good idea....    Author: bergquist , 2019-09-09, 08:45
Pausing alerts should add an annotation. - Grafana - [issue]
...Updated 2017-12-19When pausing/unpausing an alert we should create an annotation about it for that alert.ex// save annotationitem := annotations.Item{}annotationRepo := annotations.GetReposi...    Author: bergquist , 2019-09-06, 14:56
Improve database migration - Grafana - [issue]
...There are a few problems with our current database migrations.The migration order is not guaranteedMigrations are added per table. Which means that a new migration for user might run before ...    Author: bergquist , 2019-09-05, 07:02
Alerting: Support per series state change tracking for queries that return multiple series - Grafana - [issue]
...Currently, we don't update the alert message if the alert query return new/other series then the first one.Let's say that one alert executes and have an eval match on "serie 1".Next time the...    Author: bergquist , 2019-08-27, 18:36
Alert notification silencing - Grafana - [issue]
...We are not really sure about how to design the silencing part of alerting. But our intial take is something like this.Silencing alerts means that no notifications regarding state changes wil...    Author: bergquist , 2019-08-27, 14:55
[Bug] Don't connect to STMP server using TLS unless configured. - Grafana - [issue]
...It should be possible to send emails to an SMTP server that doesn't require TLS connections.ref #7116...    Author: bergquist , 2019-08-17, 12:20
Instrumentation: Add dashboard UID to traces. - Grafana - [issue]
...The Graphite and Prometheus datasource adds the dashboard ID to OpenTracing. Since we introduced UID for dashboards in Grafana we should add that to tracing as well....    Author: bergquist , 2019-07-12, 12:48
Instrumentation: Add dashboard uid to traces - Grafana - [issue]
...closes #17410...    Author: bergquist , 2019-07-11, 11:08
Grafana-CLI: Makes datapath configurable for the data encryption migration - Grafana - [issue]
...This makes datapath configurable CLI tasks that use the database. Such as reset-admin password and datasource encryption.This solution is a bit hacky but we need it for our Hosted Grafana of...    Author: bergquist , 2019-07-11, 11:08