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Bug in na_ontap_snapshot_policy module - Ansible - [issue]
...SUMMARYI'd like to create a policy with different schedule inside like this by exemple :my policyschedule = daily / number of copy = 7schedule = weekly / number of copy = 4schedule = monthly...    Author: matthgyver , 2019-05-15, 16:35
na_ontap_command only work if account as console access - Ansible - [issue]
...SUMMARYI'm using a dedicated account for operations on my NetApp with Ansible. This account only have http and ontapi access.Sending command with "na_ontap_command" module and this account a...    Author: matthgyver , 2019-05-09, 15:31
win_acl on CIFS share - Ansible - [issue]
...SUMMARYAnsible return an error when using win_acl module on a UNC pathISSUE TYPEBug ReportCOMPONENT NAMEwin_aclANSIBLE VERSION[user@computer]$ ansible --versionansible 2.7.10  config fi...    Author: matthgyver , 2019-05-07, 09:33
[Feature Request] Gauge min/max value as variable - Grafana - [issue]
...Hi,It's will be nice if we could use a variable as min and max value in gauge panel.In my case, I monitor utilization of data and have data formatted like this :Login | Space used | QuotaFoo...    Author: matthgyver , 2019-04-04, 21:22
[Bug] Space in value into templating variable - Grafana - [issue]
...Hi,In last beta with ES source, I created a variable with query like this :{"find": "terms", "query": "source:serverX AND adminCN:Foo Bar"}"Foo Bar" contain space so I've tried this (add ") ...    Author: matthgyver , 2019-03-30, 12:23
[BUG] Templating value not OK - Grafana - [issue]
...Hi,What Grafana version are you using?5.1.3What datasource are you using?ElasticsearchWhat OS are you running grafana on?CentOS 7What did you do?My index contain values with "-".Example :fie...    Author: matthgyver , 2019-03-30, 12:22
User creation problem - Grafana - [issue]
...Hi,What Grafana version are you using?v5.1.3 (commit: 0871432)What OS are you running grafana on?CentOS 7What did you do?Create new user with mail address "[EMAIL PROTECTED]"Remove this user...    Author: matthgyver , 2018-06-06, 12:22
[Bug] Metric choice - Grafana - [issue]
...Hi,On last Grafana beta 3, when we choose "Raw Documents" as metric (ES source in table element, I don't try with other) if we have made a mistake and want to change the metrics there is no ...    Author: matthgyver , 2016-08-01, 06:52
[Feature request] Scripted dashboard for organisation only - Grafana - [issue]
...Hi,Scripted Dashboard is a very nice feature.It will be nice if we could restrict acces by organisation.Otherwise it will be better again if we could add main menu entry to call a scripted d...    Author: matthgyver , 2016-06-09, 05:45
[Feature Request] Rewrite url to https - Grafana - [issue]
...Hi,It would be nice if, when HTTPS is enabled, client url was rewritte in https:// if he come in http.Thank you...    Author: matthgyver , 2016-05-17, 13:40