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Telegraf on Windows fails to stop/start or restart after running for an hour+ - InfluxDB - [issue]
...Relevant telegraf.conf:Enable default windows metricsSend metrics every 30 seconds to 2 Graphite servers carbon-relaysWindows servicesWindows processes5 minute aggregationSystem info:Windows...    Author: xkilian , 2018-11-09, 00:49
[Feature Request] Endpoint for storing and retrieving metric descriptions - Graphite - [issue]
...Storing metrics is fine.Storing tags is fine.But what does a metric mean...Ex: MS Proxy perfmon counterAverage request speedThe average speed of the request for all requests in the  pre...    Author: xkilian , 2018-10-10, 18:42
Restart Telegraf from services.msc will fail occasionnaly - InfluxDB - [issue]
...Bug reportWhen Telegraf has been running for a period of time greater than an hour (might be less), restarting the service will time out.Stop is okStart fails with an error 1053 ERROR_SERVIC...    Author: xkilian , 2018-04-05, 01:45
Ping input does not report readings with duration of 0 correctly - InfluxDB - [issue]
...DirectionsUsing the ping plugin the output  is inconsistent when used in conjunction with the basicstatsBug reportRelevant telegraf.conf:System info:Windows 10 and windows server 2008 (...    Author: xkilian , 2018-02-09, 20:14
[Feature Request] Display the description of a Metric - Grafana - [issue]
...getting metrics from data sources - CheckCan a Metric Description that describes what a metric means, its impacts, suggested resolution paths etc. (Goes beyond Metrics2.0)Ex: MS Proxy perfmo...    Author: xkilian , 2017-11-11, 14:13
basicstats aggregator - Add filtering based on fields - InfluxDB - [issue]
...basicstats aggregator as proposed by @toni-moreno will create an additionnal set of statistics for all metrics generated by telegraf. You can set it to not send the original metrics, but thi...    Author: xkilian , 2017-10-31, 21:00
Strip out Graphite-API from Graphite-Web - Graphite - [issue]
...1 - Fork Graphite-WebA  -Strip out the web interface and only keep the APIB - Strip out the event store2 - Submit to the Graphite-Project as Graphite-API3 - Open up Graphite development...    Author: xkilian , 2014-08-10, 00:28
Enhancement: Add keywords/tags to saved dashboards - Grafana - [issue]
...When saving dashboards. Add the ability to include tags about the dashboard.The tags can be used later when retrieving the dashboards from Elastic Search by Grafana or from external dashboar...    Author: xkilian , 2014-02-13, 06:57