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FTR: add support for Firefox browser - Kibana - [issue]
...This PR add support to run functional tests on Firefox browser:Prio to merge next points to be confirmed: Get latest Firefox installed on CI workers For PRs we need to add jenkins ...    Author: dmlemeshko , 2019-04-20, 19:05
when node leave swarm, standalone container's ports disappear - Docker - [issue]
...Descriptionwhen i use "docker-compose up" to run a container on a node, and then the node leave the swarm, the container will lose its port.but if i create a bridge network firstly, and use ...    Author: FirstEncounter , 2019-04-20, 19:05
Elasticsearch 7.x support - Grafana - [issue]
...What Grafana version are you using?6.0.0 beta 3What datasource are you using?Elasticsearch 7.0.0 beta 1What OS are you running grafana on?UbuntuWhat did you do?After upgrading a Elasticsearc...    Author: UKSFM99 , 2019-04-20, 19:02
[2017.7.9] Code coverage fixes - Saltstack - [issue]
...What does this PR do?Code coverage fixes...    Author: s0undt3ch , 2019-04-20, 19:02
[expand - 3 more] - Multiple separators when importing CSV files in logstash - Logstash - [mail # user]
...The grok will still work. It divides the string at the first occurence of either ; or : regardless of what comes after.---...
   Author: Badger via Discuss the El... , flavienbwk via Discuss th... , ... , 2019-04-20, 19:00
[expand - 1 more] - Help about this scenario. - Vagrant - [mail # user]
...hellocheck os manual documentation, you may need to install the package, enablethe service, start the service.On Sat, Apr 20, 2019 at 8:51 AM hack3rcon via Vagrant <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> ...
   Author: Alvaro Miranda Aguilera , hack3rcon via Vagrant , ... , 2019-04-20, 18:58
[expand - 5 more] - Vagrant sudo yum install whois (or anything else) - Vagrant - [mail # user]
...helloyour script is creating the user, without a passyou can update the script to set a passor you can set the user to no need password for sudoyou can google about `sudoers` that is the fil...
   Author: Alvaro Miranda Aguilera , Devils Kiddo , ... , 2019-04-20, 18:56
gitfs broken on Arch - Saltstack - [issue]
...Description of Issue/QuestionI am trying to use ssh authentication with gitfs to pull git repositories from a personal GitLab installation.I have double checked my private key for an empty l...    Author: jamincollins , 2019-04-20, 18:48
Network CLI parsing using Cisco's Genie library - Ansible - [issue]
...SUMMARYThe network industry must do a lot of screen-scraping from their devices in order to automate their networks. This is an Ansible filter module that uses Cisco Systems' Genie/pyATS fra...    Author: clay584 , 2019-04-20, 18:43
POC/WIP Datasource: multiple panels listening to same query - Grafana - [issue]
...Early POC/WIP, depends on #16656This introduces a new pseudo datasource called -- Dashboard -- that lets you subscribe to the results of a different panel on the same dashboard:Here is a das...    Author: ryantxu , 2019-04-20, 18:38