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[expand - 1 more] - What is the use of EXPOSE in Docker file - Docker - [mail # user]
...[quote="huikang, post:1, topic:37726, full:true"]Hi, I note that --link becomes deprecated in the recent docker version. This makes me think what is the use of EXPOSE in the docker file.What...
   Author: David Maze , huikang , ... , 2017-09-07, 23:59
ChefDK on Windows PATH setting is incorrect for running updated user gem binaries. - Chef - [issue]
...DescriptionA chef gem update will install updated gem's in the user's profile, nominally $env:USERPROFILE\AppData\Local\chefdk\gem\ruby\2.3.0\bin with ChefDK 1.1.16 & 1.5.0This is fine, howe...    Author: runecalico , 2017-09-07, 23:57
ChefDK (0.10.0) Windows installation failure when custom install dir (too long path?) - Chef - [issue]
...Hi,I tried installing ChefDK under Windows 7 x64 using as the install directory C:\Local\ChefDK\0.10.0. While installation progress, near the end, in the Copying new files state, an error me...    Author: maoueh , 2017-09-07, 23:56
Chef shell-init command on windows is having encoding issues and corrupting the $profile - Chef - [issue]
...Running the following command with ChefDK 0.14.25 on Win10 with PowerShell v5:powershellS:> "chef shell-init powershell | Invoke-Expression" >> $PROFILEThe shell-init command is add...    Author: cordovinian , 2017-09-07, 23:53
Dependency resolver ignores the version constraint - Chef - [issue]
...DescriptionI've caught a pretty weird issue of Policyfile resolver when it ignores the cookbook version constraint specified in Policyfile.rbChefDK Version$ chef --versionChef Development Ki...    Author: legal90 , 2017-09-07, 23:52
Windows Server Docker Daemon 17.05-dev fails to start with error - HNS failed with error : Object Exists - Docker - [issue]
...DescriptionAfter upgrading manually Docker Daemon from 1.13.1-cs1 to 17.05-dev it worked about 15-20 minutes and then stopped. And then we could not start Docker service again. Last error me...    Author: georgyturevich , 2017-09-07, 23:46
[expand - 1 more] - Re: win_command not able to execute command file on win 2008 - Ansible - [mail # user]
...Apart from updating the Server OS to 2008 R2 the only way I know how to get the output of a batch script is to use win_shell while changing the active code page. An example of running a vali...
   Author: Jordan Borean , J Hawkesworth via Ansible... , ... , 2017-09-07, 23:30
enhance --data-checksums on initdb - Puppet - [pullrequest]
...this is a rebased version of #855...    Author: mmoll , 2017-09-07, 23:30
enhance --data-checksums on initdb - Puppet - [issue]
...this is a rebased version of #855...    Author: mmoll , 2017-09-07, 23:30
Fish shell completions - Chef - [issue]
...Setting eval (chef shell-init fish) results in the $GEM_ROOT, $GEM_PATH, $GEM_HOME env variables getting set correctly but all the completions and the function __fish_chef_no_command does no...    Author: gibbling , 2017-09-07, 23:23