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Sematext vs New Relic

New Relic is a powerful tool, but it can be pricey. Looking for more options? Check out what Sematext has to offer.

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Sematext VS New Relic

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New Relic's pricing model is based on licensing. If you want to be able to fully utilize New Relic with access to all its capabilities, you will have to pay a hefty fee, paying for what they call “Full-platform users.”

Most small to medium sized businesses need 5-10 login seats for their DevOps team in New Relic. Here's how much you would save by switching to Sematext.

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Sematext VS New Relic

Why Choose Sematext?

Sematext VS New Relic

Cost-effective, Complete Observability Solution.

Whether you need Log Management, Synthetic Monitoring, Real User Monitoring, Infrastructure Monitoring, or a combination, Sematext can manage everything in your stack.

Sematext VS New Relic

Plan Recommendations.

We offer plan recommendations for Logs Apps based on the data you've shipped. We will take this data and calculate the optimal plan based on your specific needs. Nothing more and nothing less. You pay for only what you use.

Sematext VS New Relic

Expert Support Team.

Our support team is full of experts in a variety of monitoring solutions. In any circumstance, whether it's through email, live chat, or phone calls, you will have a premium experience. Get answers to your questions quickly, and get back to your monitoring and logging in a flash.

SematextNew Relic
Unlimited Users ?yesno
Multiple Data Retention Optionsyesno
Correlate Logs and Metrics yesno
Split Screen View yesno
Overage Protection ?yesno
Automated Log Discovery yesno
Service Discovery yesno
Transparent Pricing Optionsyesno

Need Some Help Migrating?

As a bonus, our team will help you migrate from New Relic to Sematext at no extra cost. We'll do all the heavy lifting we can so that you can jump on board without a hitch. Schedule a demo call with us today, and let's make the swap together.

Integrated Monitoring and Log Management

Besides infrastructure monitoring, Sematext Cloud includes a fully managed, Elasticsearch-based Log Management solution. Monitoring and Log Management functionality is seamlessly integrated and helps DevOps troubleshoot and fix problems faster than when forced to use multiple tools.

Sematext VS New Relic

Easy to Setup Dashboards

Many of New Relic's monitors utilize 3rd party plugins to retrieve data. This can add a massive learning curve and setup time to each one of your integrations since each one will need its own setup and data collection mechanisms.

Sematext offers out-of-the-box dashboards that are not only easy to install, but are native to your specific integration. You won't need to waste time setting up 3rd party monitors. Everything you need is a click away with Sematext.

Sematext VS New Relic

Correlate Logs with Performance Metrics

Sematext can aggregate, graph, and correlate logs with performance metrics and alerts (via integration with Sematext Logs). New Relic, on the other hand, offers no support for log aggregation at all. Being able to see logs along with performance metrics is essential for effective troubleshooting.

Sematext Enterprise puts metrics, logs, traces, alerts, events, anomalies, etc. at your fingertips and lets you seamlessly analyze and correlate them. When operational data are together troubleshooting is simpler, downtimes are shorter, recovery is faster, and revenue loss is minimized.

Sematext VS New Relic

Faster Log Monitoring with the Quick Action Menu

Sematext's Quick Actions feature enables easy access to frequently used logging tools directly from the log report. By selecting a field name, you can swiftly generate pipelines, charts, and columns to facilitate efficient searching and filtering of your log data.

When clicking on a field value, you are presented with various options such as including or excluding values, highlighting similar values, examining related metrics, toggling a split screen view, and conveniently copying a selected value to the clipboard for future use.

Sematext VS New Relic

These G2 Charts Speak for Themselves

SematextNew Relic
Good Partner in Business96%92%
Meets requirements91%91%
Ease of Use91%90%
Product Direction (% positive)100%82%
Quality of Support93%90%
Avg. ROI (months)5mo8mo

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Our Deliant Application Monitoring & Troubleshooting has become simplified with Sematext Cloud.
Sematext Cloud provides the best APM characteristics to visualize our organization's architecture, its state of operation, and health status in its dashboard. Troubleshooting is done fast with the help of its user logs, metrics, and traces in a single unified view. Using Application token and API keys, we gain effective control over our log access, and each log is encrypted with TLS/SSL standards. It provides real-time anomaly detection whenever there is a drastic deviation in log counts. Archiving these logs is also effortless thanks to its seamless integration with Amazon S3.

Komal J. Software Developer