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Get the Best New Relic Alternative

Looking to replace New Relic or find a better alternative?

No matter the reason for your search, this comparison will help you understand if New Relic is really the best option for you by diving into some of the biggest pain points their customers are facing today. Sematext helps ease these pain points with an all-in-one: monitoring, logging, user monitoring & tracing solution.

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Here’s what Sematext offers as a New Relic alternative:

New Relic’s Pricing Can Simply Be Too Expensive. Get an Affordable Solution.

It’s no secret that one of the biggest New Relic disadvantages is their pricing: it is one of the most expensive solutions on the market. However, there are more affordable solutions that offer the same or even more functionality at a fraction of the cost.

Correlate Logs with Performance Metrics and Alerts for Better Troubleshooting & Insights

Sematext can aggregate, graph and correlate logs with performance metrics and alerts (via integration with Sematext Logs). New Relic, on the other hand, offers no support for log aggregation at all. Being able to see logs along with performance metrics is essential for effective troubleshooting.

Sematext Enterprise puts metrics, logs, traces, alerts, events, anomalies, etc. at your fingertips and lets you seamlessly analyze and correlate them. When operational data are together troubleshooting is simpler, downtimes shorter, recover faster, and revenue loss is minimized.

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Sematext offers Sematext Enterprise - an On-Premise solution - in addition to Sematext Cloud. New Relic is SaaS-only which is a major drawback for companies that have a “no-cloud” policy. Sematext Enterprise includes all functionality available in Sematext Cloud.

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Integrated Monitoring and Log Management

Besides infrastructure monitoring, Sematext Cloud includes a fully managed, Elasticsearch-based Log Management solution. Monitoring and Log Management functionality is seamlessly integrated and helps DevOps troubleshoot and fix problems faster than when forced to use multiple tools.

Simpler Infra Monitoring Setup: Native Integrations vs. 3rd Party Plugins

Sematext monitors all infrastructure using our own, easy to install, open-source monitoring agent integrations. Most types of infrastructure New Relic monitors are monitored via 3rd party plugins, meaning they have their own installation and data collection mechanisms, its own different types of configurations, various levels of maturity, quality of implementation and of reporting.

Services Monitored with Native Support

ServiceSematextNew Relic
Solr / SolrCloudYes(but limited)
Apache HadoopYesNo
Apache HBaseYesNo
Apache ZookeeperYesNo
Apache KafkaYesNo
Apache StormYesNo
Apache CassandraYesYes
MySQL & MariaDBYesYes
AWS CloudWatchYesNo
Any JVM ApplicationYesYes
... and many others
OS MetricsYesYes
Infrastructure Monitoring (CPU, Disk, Memory, Network)YesYes
Custom MetricsYesYes
Business KPIsYesYes