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Sematext vs Zabbix

Zabbix is an open-source solution. OSS feels free, but there are always hidden costs. The total cost of ownership could be higher than some SaaS platforms. With Sematext, you can gain true visibility into your infrastructure without spending a fortune.

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Sematext VS Zabbix

Need Some Help Migrating?

As a bonus, our team will help you migrate from Zabbix to Sematext at no extra cost. We'll do all the heavy lifting we can so that you can jump on board without a hitch. Schedule a demo call with us today, and let's make the swap together.

Why Choose Sematext?

Sematext VS Zabbix

Affordable, Full-stack Observability

Zabbix offers infrastructure monitoring, but Sematext offers a full-stack observability platform: Synthetic Monitoring, Real User Monitoring, Log Monitoring, and Infrastructure Monitoring.

Sematext VS Zabbix

No Hidden Fees or Upcharges

With Sematext, you get exactly what you need and a transparent, consistent price to go along with it. Zabbix may seem free, but the cost of ownership and the cost of trainings required to install and maintain Zabbix will cost you.

Sematext VS Zabbix

Fast and Reliable Support Team

No matter your plan or situation, you will get a premium support experience with Sematext every single time. Get quick answers to your questions and get back to monitoring in no time. This is something that you have to pay extra for with Zabbix.

Infrastructure Monitoring yesyes
Log Monitoring yesyes
Real User Monitoring yesno
Synthetic Monitoring yesno
Quick and Easy Configurationyesno
Zero-cost Maintenanceyesno
Zero-cost Premium Supportyesno
Automatic App Discovery yesno
Preconfigured Checks and Alertsyesno

Sematext vs Zabbix Pricing

Zabbix is open-source, which means that it's free to install and use. That doesn't mean that it's a zero-cost solution. It's hard to calculate exactly how much running Zabbix would cost you, but the cost of ownership can rack up the monthly overhead. You have to pay employees or contractors for ongoing maintenance and management. You have to pay them for upgrades to stay up to date. You have to pay for the infrastructure and for Zabbix support.

Sematext, on the other hand, offers a complete, out-of-the-box experience that costs you nothing more than the cost of the monthly plan. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time, and you have the constant support of our experts to make sure your operations run smoothly. It requires no additional infrastructure. There is nothing to install, manage, or upgrade other than a tiny agent.

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Easy to Configure Alerts

Alerts are essential for any monitoring tool. They should be simple to configure and should integrate with your favorite 3rd party service notification channels without a hitch. At least, that's what we believe at Sematext.

With Sematext, there are many ways to setup alerts. On select components, all you have to do is click the alert icon in the top right corner. For Apps, it's just as easy: click on the alert icon at the top right.

Sematext VS Zabbix

Sleek and Efficient UI

Sematext's interface is simple, but it's designed with the user in mind. You can log in, locate the information you need, and get back to your business, all within a few clicks. Take it a step further and connect related Apps and view them in a split-screen overview to really streamline and enhance your troubleshooting capabilities.

Sematext VS Zabbix

Out-of-the-box Dashboard Setup

Streamline the extraction of important business KPIs from logs and incorporate them into your integration-specific dashboard with Sematext and facilitate the creation of rich and insightful reports.

Sematext has pre-configured visual components available as soon as you log in. In a mater of clicks, you can set up your dashboard and spend more time leveraging log data with visualizations for actionable insights.

Sematext VS Zabbix

These G2 Charts Speak for Themselves

Good Partner in Business96%92%
Meets requirements91%91%
Ease of Use91%90%
Product Direction (% positive)100%82%
Quality of Support93%90%
Avg. ROI (months)5mo8mo

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Excellent solution for monitoring Solr.
Easy to use tool with good pre-configured default dashboards and reports. Outstanding customer service and support. Sematext's team responds quickly and constructively.

Gareth D. CEO