Connected Apps Guide

Connected Apps is a data pivoting feature and available in all solutions. You can connect any two Apps you have access to, regardless of their type.

When you connect two Apps, selecting Connected Apps while viewing one of those Apps will automatically select the other connected App when you decide to correlate their data via Split Screen.

To connect Apps, click on the connect Apps icon on top right from any report and click “+ Connect New App” button.

Sematext Cloud Connected Apps - Connect Apps Drop Down

Select the Apps and click “Connect Apps” button.

Sematext Cloud Connected Apps - Connected Apps Page

Once you connect Apps together, you can easily navigate from one App to the other with a single click or open the second App in Split Screen to correlate their data.

Let’s say we are monitoring a ClickHouse database and shipping metrics and logs to Sematext Cloud. You started seeing a significant amount of error logs and you want to investigate it further by comparing with metrics.

If the two Apps are connected, you can easily open the Monitoring App in Split Screen and see if there are any significant spikes in metrics within that time period. Instantly check if insufficient resources or unexpected query rates or connections are the source of error logs coming from your database.

Sematext Cloud Connected Apps - Connected Apps Drop Down

Sematext Cloud Connected Apps - Connected Apps Split Screen

In addition, when you receive an alert notification for an App, the alert notification will automatically include information and charts from connected Apps, thus providing more information and context for you.

Sematext Cloud Connected Apps - Connected Apps Alerts

Any App can be connected to any number of Apps.