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Presentation: On Centralizing Logs

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… with Syslog, LogStash, Elasticsearch, Kibana, and friends, one might add.  If you liked Recipe: rsyslog + Elasticsearch + Kibana, you’ll like this presentation.  We’ve also published the actual 25-minute video of the presentation.

For the occasion, Sematext is giving a 20% discount for all SPM applications. The discount code is MONEU2013.

Also, Manning is giving a 44% discount for Elasticsearch in Action and all the other books from their website. The discount code is mlmoneu13cf.

For those interested in Logsene, our Logstash + Syslog + Elasticsearch + Kibana service mentioned in the talk, we’ll notify you when Logsene becomes fully (and freely!) available next month if you leave your name on the Logsene page.

Below is a sketchnote of the whole talk, which was printed and given to all attendees. Click on the image to get the full resolution.