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Sematext vs Loggly

Although both are powerful tools in their own right, not every tool is right for every developer. Let's find out which is right for you.

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Sematext VS Loggly

Why Choose Sematext?

Sematext VS Loggly

Transparent pricing based on your needs. No sales quotas.

Customize each plan based on daily data volume and retention period. You pick the plan with the features you like and customize it to meet the needs of your business. It’s as simple as that.

Sematext VS Loggly

Fast and reliable support team you can count on.

At Sematext, we don't market our support as premium or priority. That’s because, in any circumstance, whether it’s through email, live chat, or phone calls, you will have a premium experience and be a priority to us.

Sematext VS Loggly

One platform to troubleshoot your entire stack. Enjoy.

Troubleshoot performance issues proactively and detect potential business impacts and opportunities with real-time data.

Synthetic Monitoring yesno
Real User Monitoring (RUM) yesno
Infrastructure Monitoring yesno
Automated Log Discovery yesno
Status Pages ?yesno
Service Discovery yesno
Quick Charts yesno
Premium Support in all Paid Plans ?yesno
100+ Integrationsyesno

Simple, Yet Powerful Log Searching & Filtering

Searching & filtering your logs should be quick and simple. Unleash the power of blazing searching & filtering, and don't settle for less!

With Sematext, everything is centralized and you can search and filter through thousands of logs without delay. It’s as simple as using query filters to find the exact type of log you’re looking for. Combine Live Tail with queries to really narrow down your search to find the exact logs of interest.

Sematext VS Loggly

Out-of-the-box Dashboard Setup

Sematext makes it easy to quickly extract important business KPIs from logs and inject them into your dashboard for rich and insightful reports. With visual components available out of the box, you’ll spend less time setting up your dashboard and more time actually using them to visualize your log data.

Sematext VS Loggly

Sleek UI and Painless UX

Quickly and seamlessly navigate between your dashboards and gain valuable insights at a quick glance.

Sematext’s UI is simple and clean, meaning you can log in, see what you need to see, and carry on with your day without missing a beat. You can even connect Apps that share related data, or view them in a split screen overview to really streamline troubleshooting.

Sematext VS Loggly

Faster Log Monitoring with the Quick Action Menu

In Sematext, Quick Actions allow you to quickly access the tools you most commonly use for logging, right from the log report.

Click on the field name, and quickly create pipelines, charts, and columns to help you quickly search and filter through your log data.

Click on a field value, and you have the options to include or exclude values, highlight similar values, see related metrics, toggle split screen view, and quickly copy a selected value to a clipboard for later use.

Sematext VS Loggly

Need Some Help Migrating?

As a bonus, our team will help you migrate from Loggly to Sematext at no extra cost. We'll do all the heavy lifting we can so that you can jump on board without a hitch. Schedule a demo call with us today, and let's make the swap together.

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Likelihood to Recommend96%78%
Good Partner in Business98%50%
Meets requirements92%79%
Ease of Admin93%88%
Ease of Doing Business With93%57%
Quality of Support92%77%
Ease of Setup92%69%
Ease of Use93%73%

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Time savior with tons of useful features.
The simplicity of setting the system up for our needs, we could be up and running in no time.

David R. Founder