Better together: Metrics and Logs

Tired of jumping between your monitoring and log management tools? So were we.

Context-switching vs. correlation

How often do you follow the well-established devops path: Alert Notification ⇒ Metrics Charts (e.g. New Relic, Datadog, Grafana…) ⇒ switch to Logs (e.g. Splunk, Kibana, Sumo Logic…)?  Repetitive?  Inefficient?  Time-consuming?  Annoying?  Yeah… We all know how expensive context-switching is!  Sematext eliminates context-switching and enables easy correlation of metrics, logs, events, and alerts.   Sematext is a full-blown infrastructure and application monitoring and log management in one!
  • No more jumping between multiple tools, cloud solutions, or browser tabs
  • No more manual syncing of date pickers in multiple devops tools
  • No more using of multiple UIs and methods for filtering data, building charts, reports, and dashboards
  • A single, unified solution. Watch the video or try it yourself!
  • Find correlations between metrics and logs with just a few clicks and in minutes. Really!

Sematext is not just infrastructure or application performance monitoring solution, nor is it just a log management solution. It’s all-in-one monitoring and log management devops powertool! Sematext brings together real-time performance monitoring, log management, alerts, and events to provide you unprecedented visibility of your dynamic infrastructure.The way we see it, treating logs and metrics as two silos is a remnant from another era.