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Metrics and Logs

Get actionable insights faster by bringing your Metrics and Logs under one roof

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Metrics and Logs

We provide monitoring tools for DevOps teams that want to move faster.

  • Infrastructure Monitoring

    Map & monitor your entire infrastructure in real time

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  • Application Performance Monitoring

    Improve user experience by monitoring application performance

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  • Log Management

    Hassle-free logs

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  • Real User Monitoring

    Increase user satisfaction with real user data

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  • Server Monitoring

    Low footprint & easy to use monitoring agent

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  • Container Monitoring

    Performance metrics, events & logs - all in one

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  • Synthetic Monitoring

    Site and APIs Performance and availability

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  • Process Monitoring

    Track down resource-hungry processes

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  • Database Monitoring

    Get a complete overview of your database health

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  • Network Monitoring

    Your whole infrastructure network topology at a glance

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  • JVM Monitoring

    Java Virtual Machine monitoring made easy

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  • Metrics and Logs

    Bring your Metrics and Logs under one roof

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  • Inventory Monitoring

    Real-time, filterable view into each host’s packages & more

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  • Alerts

    Keep tabs on your environments

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  • Events

    Listen to your organization's heartbeat

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  • Integrations

    Choose from over 100 integrations

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  • API

    Ingress, egress, and management APIs

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Actionable Insights

Server Monitoring

Get complete insight into current and past utilization of your servers or cloud instances.

  • See CPU, memory, disk usage, and IO, network, load, and other metrics
  • Filter using tags, hosts, disks, network interfaces and more
  • Get the big picture with an aggregate top-like view for all your infrastructure
  • Get alerts on any metric and use visualizations for capacity planning

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Container Monitoring

Sematext Docker Agent deploys as a tiny container with a single "docker run..."

  • See CPU, memory, disk usage, and IO, network, load, and other metrics
  • Correlate container metrics and logs to troubleshoot much, much faster
  • Get logs parsed, structured, enriched, masked, and more for flexible reporting and fast search
  • Alert on any Docker host or container metric or log patterns

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Monitor Database Performance in Real-Time

Get answers to performance-related questions in real-time and stay in control with our monitoring software.

  • Understand traffic in and out of database
  • Get database queries/questions details
  • Monitor slow queries count and wait events
  • Get SQL select or sort usage stats

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Network Performance Monitoring

Sematext Integrated network monitoring tools provide you with a real-time map of all your servers and containers. In addition to auto-discovery and collection of communication data such as receive and transmit rates, aggregate and segmented by port. Sematext enables you to:

  • Visualize complete network infrastructure through dynamic network maps
  • See real-time network receive and transmit rates and ports used
  • Explore network topology maps with zooming, panning, and filtering
  • Filter out uninteresting endpoints

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Java Performance Monitoring Tools Made Easy

You can’t tune JVM performance without monitoring it. Java application monitoring is automatically included with all JVM-based integrations. Out of the box you can:

  • See Java garbage collection counts, duration, and sizes
  • Get detailed visibility of JVM heap sizes and utilization for individual memory pools; great for JVM performance tuning or setting separate alert thresholds for different pools
  • Monitor JVM thread counts, number of files open by the JVM
  • Filter any metric by host, tag, or garbage collector type

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Metrics & Log Alerts: Anomalies, Thresholds, and Heartbeats

The event stream captures all your key IT and operations events. By default, all alerts are streamed as events. A single look at the event stream gives a good idea of the current health of your whole infrastructure and your applications:

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  • Create an alert rule on any metric or any log stream
  • Use metric filters to narrow down alert rules (e.g., alert when any host tagged with “type:elasticsearch” and “role:datanode” has cpu > 80%), requiring no reconfiguration as new nodes join and are tagged
  • Choose between threshold-based alerts and anomaly detection underpinned by a number of statistical algorithms trained to detect when data deviates from the norm
  • Get notified when application fails to report metrics or logs within a given time frame, set by you, giving you full control over notification speed and sensitivity
  • Turn any log search into an alert query (e.g., alert when count of logs matching “severity:ERROR or exception” > 100/min)

Alerts as Events

The event stream captures all your key IT and operations events. By default, all alerts are streamed as events. A single look at the event stream gives a good idea of the current health of your whole infrastructure and your applications:

  • Search and filter historical alerts to see trends and weak parts of your apps and infrastructure
  • Filter by time, app, type or severity

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Custom Events

Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) tools like Jenkins, Travis CI, etc. emit events and can be configured to call custom WebHooks and are the obvious low-hanging fruit you can feed in as events. Each team and organization has their own events that are meaningful to them. Feed events to Sematext to help your team run together faster.

  • Add custom events via the UI or via the REST API
  • Use REST API to send events from your automation tools – Puppet, Ansible, Chef, Salt Stack, etc.

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Full Stack Observability

Sematext brings together real-time performance monitoring, log management, alerts, and events to provide you unprecedented visibility of your dynamic infrastructure. The way we see it, treating logs and metrics as two silos is a remnant from another era.

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