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HAProxy Monitoring Integration



Metric Name Key Agg Type Description
responses haproxy.responses.denied Avg Long responses: The denied responses
redispatches haproxy.redispatches Avg Long redispatches: The redispatches
requests haproxy.requests.errors Avg Long requests: The request errors
requests haproxy.requests.denied Avg Long requests: The denied requests
connections haproxy.connections.errors Avg Long connections: The connection errors
responses haproxy.responses.errors Avg Long responses: The response errors
retries haproxy.retries Avg Long retries: retries
in Avg Long in: Bytes in
out Avg Long out: Bytes out
backup haproxy.server.backend.backup Avg Long backup: The server is backup (server), number of backup servers (backend)
weight haproxy.server.weight Avg Long weight: The server weight (server), total weight (backend)
active Avg Long active: server is active (server), The number of active servers (backend)
downtime haproxy.server.downtime Avg Long downtime: The total downtime (seconds)
up/down haproxy.server.status Avg Double up/downs: Status UP/DOWN
selected haproxy.server.selected Avg Long selected: The total number of times a server was selected
cur haproxy.sessions Avg Long cur: The current sessions
max haproxy.sessions.rate.max Max Long max: The max number of new sessions per second
max haproxy.sessions.max Max Long max: The max sessions
cur haproxy.sessions.rate Avg Long cur: The number of sessions per second over last elapsed second
limit haproxy.sessions.rate.limit Avg Long limit: The limit on new sessions per second
limit haproxy.sessions.limit Avg Long limit: The sessions limit
total Avg Long total: The total number of sessions