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Website Uptime Monitoring

Know when your website is down. Reliable uptime monitoring service that checks and alerts you of the availability of your websites, applications, and servers from locations around the world.

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Uptime Monitoring

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Worldwide Uptime Monitoring

Monitor global site availability and make sure customers around the world are getting the same experience regardless of their location. Sematext Synthetics runs fast and reliable uptime tests to alert you whenever and wherever your website is down.

  • Check website performance from multiple locations around the world
  • Easily pinpoint website rendering issues while looking at FCP, LCP, TTFB, and CLS
  • Track down slow loading resources regardless of their type
  • Debug incidents right into the app.

Website Uptime Alerts and Notifications

Sematext Synthetics provides accurate data on your site uptime and availability in real-time. Continuous monitoring with configurable alerts and notifications helps you be the first to know when your website is unavailable.

  • Configurable alerts for response time, network timing, resource, page load time, and many more
  • Notification Scheduling for your alerts
  • Instant alerts and notifications via email Slack, Zapier, VictorOps, webhooks, and more
  • Set priority level for your alerts, pass it to third party integrations.
  • Full incident issue report created for every alert
  • Frequency down to 1 check every minute
  • Anomaly detection
Website Uptime Alerts and Notifications

Status Pages

Create public or private status pages to share the status of your services, updates, or planned outages or create a service status to share with your customers or colleagues.

  • Get a custom domain for your status page
  • Customizable pages with logo, name, and more
  • Get granular information on your services
  • Show details on website uptime and response time right on your page
  • Restrict access to internal teams or clients with password protection

Root-Cause Analysis

While Synthetics monitors detect website and API performance and availability issues, pinpointing backend issues that caused or are related to a failed monitor can be challenging. Identify the root cause of backend failures efficiently with Sematext all-in-one-platform.

  • Correlate failed run results with metrics from the service host around the time your monitor fails
  • Troubleshoot failed monitors using logs from backend applications and services invoked by the endpoint during monitor failures
  • Find the needle in the haystack. Eliminate noise by pinpointing logs specific to a single run using unique request IDs, ensuring focus on crucial information
  • Get a screenshot of what the user was seeing at the time of the incident

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Everything You Need for Website Monitoring

Go beyond uptime monitoring and get a full understanding of your site and the underlying infrastructure. Sematext Synthetics reveals any performance issues and helps you make sure all vital interactions of your website are running smoothly.

  • Monitor the performance of your website in different scenarios
  • Monitor website performance from desktop, mobile devices (e.g., Apple’s iPhones and Samsung’s Galaxy series) and tablets (e.g., iPads and Kindle Fire)
  • Monitor the validity of your SSL certificates
  • Reduce the time to resolution by having all your metrics in one place
  • Create fully customizable dashboards that fit your every need
  • Monitor your APIs and services