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Alerts Overview

Alerts are used to notify you when one or more pre-defined conditions in your metrics, logs or experience data are met.

For example, you might want to be notified when available disk space reaches a certain threshold - metrics alert, or when the number of logs with severity: warning gets too high - logs alert, or when your users start experiencing high response time - experience alert.

Alert Types

Sematext Cloud includes multiple types of alerts that integrate with PagerDuty, Slack, email, and other 3rd party services.

  1. Threshold alerts are the classic threshold based alerts. They are triggered when a certain pre-defined threshold is met.
  2. Anomaly alerts are based on statistical anomaly detection. They are triggered when values suddenly change and deviate from the continously computed baseline.
  3. Heartbeat alerts are triggered when Sematext Cloud stops receiving data from your server, container, application, etc.

Alert Sources

Alerts can operate on three different sources of data:

  1. Metrics alerts work with infrastructure metrics
  2. Logs alerts are based on various types of logs
  3. Experience alerts are concerned with real user monitoring data - RUM
Alert type Metrics Logs Experience
Threshold yes yes yes
Anomaly yes yes yes
Heartbeat yes no no

You can manage Alert rules interactively via the UI, or you can manage alerts via the API.