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Alerting on logs and metrics

Alert Types

Sematext Cloud includes multiple types of alerts that integrate with PagerDuty, Slack, email, and other 3rd party services.

  1. Threshold alerts are the classic threshold based alerts. They are triggeed when something crosses a pre-defiend threshold.
  2. Anomaly alerts are based on statistical anomaly detection. They are triggeed when values suddenly change and deviate from the continously computed baseline.
  3. Heartbeat alerts are triggered when something you are monitoring, like your servers, containers, or your applications stop emitting data to Sematext.

Alert Sources

Alerts can be triggered on both Metrics and Logs:

Alert type Metrics Logs
Threshold yes yes
Anomaly yes yes
Heartbeat yes no

You can manage Alert rules interactively via the UI, or you can manage alerts via the API.

Alert Integrations

Alert rules that don't actually send notifications when alerts are triggered are nearly useless. While alert notifications are also shown on the Events view, alert notifications are typically sent to other destinations via Notification Hooks.

An email notification hook is created automatically during signup. Additional notification hooks can be created to send notications to PagerDuty, Slack, and more.