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MySQL Monitoring in Sematext

We live in the “data era”.  A database of one kind or another lives at the core of virtually every application on the planet.  More often than not that database is MySQL. As such, you better a good MySQL monitoring tool to capture performance and availability metrics and you better have MySQL alerting and anomaly detection mechanisms to notify you when things go awry before your users start calling you and the spiky-haired boss storms in.

We’re happy to announce MySQL performance monitoring being added to Sematext platform.  The addition of MySQL monitoring complements Memcached performance monitoring we announced earlier today, HBase monitoring, as well as the Redis monitoring we added earlier this year.  We’re also announcing other great new additions to Sematext integrations in the coming days.  Watch this space for details…

The latest release of Sematext MySQL monitoring covers over 150 different MySQL metrics you can monitor, such as:

  • Availability
  • Replication
  • Connections
  • Slow queries
  • Cache
  • Data in/out
  • …and many more

See MySQL metrics for the full list of monitored metrics.

Here’s a glimpse into what the MySQL monitoring integration provides – click on an image to see the full view or look at the actual Sematext live demo.

MySQL Monitoring Dashboard

MySQL Runtime

MySQL Queries/Questions Rate

MySQL Cache Usage

MySQL Table Stats

MySQL Commands

Unified Monitoring

Please tell us what you think – @sematext is always listening!  Is there something that you would really like to monitor with Sematext?

Why Have Something to Just Monitor MySQL?

…When you can monitor almost everything with one solution — Sematext Cloud.  Many organizations tackle performance monitoring with a mish-mash of different monitoring and alerting tools cobbled together in an uneasy coexistence that is often far from seamless.   Think Ganglia+Nagios.   Sematext takes all that hassle away and makes it easy and comprehensive in one step.

Learn more about Sematext from this pros and cons comparison of the best MySQL monitoring tools.

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