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HAProxy Monitoring Integration

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New functionality is rolling out in Sematext!  We just added HAProxy monitoring support for this popular TCP/HTTP load balancer and proxy.

See also: Apache monitoring, and Nginx & Nginx Plus monitoring.

Monitoring HAProxy Session Rate

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HAProxy Metrics

Sematext collects key HAProxy metrics from the HAProxy load balancer of the underlying proxies/servers, as you can see in the chart below.

status1 (UP/OPEN) 0 (DOWN)
downtimetotal downtime (in seconds)
ratenumber of sessions per second over last elapsed second
rate_maxmax number of new sessions per second
rate_limlimit on new sessions per second
scurcurrent sessions
smaxmax sessions
slimitsessions limit
stottotal sessions
lbtottotal number of times a server was selected
binbytes in
boutbytes out
dreqdenied requests
drespdenied responses
ereqerror requests
erespresponse errors
econconnection errors
wretrretries (warning)
wredisredispatches (warning)
weightserver weight (server), total weight (backend)
actserver is active (server), number of active servers (backend)
bckserver is backup (server), number of backup servers (backend)

HAProxy Alerting

You can create threshold-based or machine learning-based anomaly detection on any of these HAProxy metrics, of course, and you can also rely on heartbeat alerts to detect any HAProxy daemon going down.  Any alerts can be emailed or you can use any of the Alert notification integrations such as PagerDuty, Big Panda, Slack, Nagios, or any other WebHook.

You can check out Sematext live demo and see some more of Sematext monitoring, alerting and anomaly detection functionality.  In addition to native monitoring for apps like Solr, Elasticsearch, Hadoop, HBase, Spark, Cassandra, Kafka, Storm, and many more, Sematext Monitoring also integrates with Sematexts Logs to add centralized logging functionality and correlation of metrics, logs, alerts, anomalies, and events.

Like what you see here?  Sound like something that could benefit your organization?  Then try Sematext free for 14 days.

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