Linux Server Monitoring

Server monitoring tools and service for linux monitoring. Low footprint & easy to set up monitoring agent. Collect metrics and logs together.

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Linux server monitoring

  • Current & historical utilization of servers, containers, or cloud instances
  • See CPU, memory, disk usage and IO, network, load, and other metrics
  • Filter using tags, hosts, disks, network interfaces, pods, etc.
  • Understand the big picture with aggregate top-like view for all your infrastructure
  • Get alerts on any metric
  • Use visualizations for capacity planning and optimal application performance
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Easy setup and automation

  • Install, upgrade, uninstall as a standard package
  • Deployable with Ansible, Puppet, or Chef
  • Runs on RedHat, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, SuSe, Fedora, Amazon Linux…
  • Easily control which metrics to collect

Minimal footprint

  • The agent is a single GoLang binary
  • Zero dependencies
  • Collects all key system metrics, processes, network connection info
  • Uses as little as 40 MB of memory and 1-2% of a single CPU core

Server Infrastructure at glance

  • Quickly find underutilized resources
  • Spot hot servers with ease
  • Detect dying servers or cloud instances using heartbeat alerts
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Cloud-aware performance monitoring

  • Works on AWS EC2, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, DigitalOcean, etc.
  • Collects tags from cloud-specific sources (see Cloud metadata)

Cloud Native – Container & Orchestration-aware

  • Can be deployed in orchestrated and non-orchestration environments
  • Works with Docker Enterprise & CE, Kubernetes, Rancher, Portainer
  • Collects all key container and Kubernetes metrics and events
  • Auto-detects applications running inside containers
  • Uses Kubernetes leader election mechanism for minimal performance impact
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Infrastructure performance monitoring beyond metrics

  • Monitor individual processes in real-time
  • Enjoy low-overhead network monitoring and Net Maps of your whole infrastructure
  • See beyond metrics. Browse all installed packages, log files, etc.
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Sematext: Your all-in-one Monitoring Solution

Real User Monitoring, Transaction Tracing, Infrastructure Monitoring, Log Management: Finally together in one innovative solution.

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