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Cloud-Based Database Monitoring

Monitor, alert, and report on database performance metrics with our open-source monitoring tools, whether running on your own infrastructure or public cloud.

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Database Monitoring

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Relational Database Monitoring

Detailed AWS RDS, AWS Aurora, PostgreSQL, MySQL and MariaDB performance statistics, including MyISAM and InnoDB engine metrics.

  • Get SQL select or sort usage stats
  • View access and connection performance details (used connections, aborted clients…)
  • Get alerted on database metrics for tables, handles, threads, open files, cache usage, etc.

Monitor Database Performance in Real Time

Get insights into performance issues in real time and stay in control with our database monitoring software.

  • Understand traffic in and out of database
  • See performance and specific database statements being executed database queries/questions details
  • Monitor database slow queries count and wait events

Open-Source Database Monitoring Agent

Sematext collects health metrics from a variety of databases and other sources in an easy, fully pluggable way.

  • Out of the box integrations for monitoring MySQL, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Solr, ClickHouse, MongoDB, and others
  • Extensible agent integrations let you create new monitoring integrations without any coding

Supported Database Technologies

Relational/SQL Databases

  • mySQL Integration
  • PostgreSQL Integration
  • MariaDB Integration
  • Amazon RDS Services Integration
  • amazon aurora services integration
  • ClickHouse Integration

NoSQL Databases

  • Cassandra Integration
  • MongoDB Integration
  • Apache HBase Integration
  • Redis Integration

Search Engines

  • Elasticsearch Integration
  • Apache Solr Integration

Database Performance Monitoring in One Single Dashboard

Monitor all your databases in a unified view. Correlate database performance data with application metrics, logs, and traces for faster troubleshooting.

  • Sematext Agent automatically discovers your databases and their logs
  • Use out-of-the-box dashboards and alert rules and create your own
  • Easily pivot from viewing performance metrics to troubleshooting logs
  • View application and database performance metrics in a split view for each correlation

Sematext: Your all-in-one Monitoring Solution

Real User Monitoring, Transaction Tracing, Infrastructure Monitoring, Synthetics, Log Management: Finally together in one innovative solution.

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