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CI/CD Integration

Shift left and catch issues early by running monitors as part of the CI/CD pipeline

  • Trigger monitor runs within your CI/CD pipeline
  • Catch performance regressions and altered or broken functionality
  • Block deployments when monitor runs fail
  • Get notified through various notification hooks when a run fails
CI/CD Integration

Early Issue Detection

  • Identify and address problems as early as possible in the development lifecycle
  • Increase your efficiency and improve overall product quality by addressing issues when they're less complex and costly to fix
  • Catch performance and functional regressions before your users see them in production
  • Test and validate interactions between different components or modules to ensure they function correctly as a whole
  • Incorporate testing into the earliest stages of development with CI/CD pipeline integration
  • Combine integration tests with Sematext Monitoring and Sematext Logs for rapid troubleshooting and maintain system reliability and minimize critical issues
CI/CD Integration