Container Monitoring Support

 Containers are hot. So is Sematext Docker Agent. You run it with a single “docker run…” command or via docker-compose. 

Sematext Docker Agent

Sematext Docker Agent runs as an itsy bitsy container itself and collects Docker host and container metrics, logs, and events. You run it with a single “docker run…” command or via docker-compose. It also runs as Kubernetes DaemonSet, Docker Swarm service, with Rancher, or with Marathon for Mesos or DC/OS. You can also deploy it to Docker Cloud with a single click.
  • Sematext Docker Agent is light and native. It runs as a minime container on each of your Docker hosts
  • It collects host and container metrics, logs and events
  • Get out of the box host and container CPU, Memory, Swap, Memory failed counters, Network errors, Disk IO, Network traffic, and more
  • Enable/disable agent via labels, route data using labels, whitelist/blacklist containers, enrich logs with GeoIP info, mask or strip sensitive data and a whole lot more — see Docker Monitoring & Logging

Container Log Shipping

  • Configurable, built-in log parsing ensures logs are nicely structured, easily searchable for troubleshooting, but also ready for analytical queries, charts, and dashboards for your CTO and business
  • Multi-line support for container logs to capture e.g. error stack traces as a single event
  • Filter metrics and logs by host, container, image, or labels

Kubernetes Support

  • Create a sematext-agent.yml file with the DaemonSet definition and your Sematext Cloud app tokens, and start collecting Kubernetes metrics, logs, and events with a simple kubectl create -f sematext-agent.yml
  • Get logs tagged with namespace, pod, container, image name, and UID
  • Filter metrics and logs by host, container, image, pod, or labels
  • For more info see Sematext Kubernetes Agent

Rancher Support

  • Create a sematext/docker-compose.yml file with your Sematext Cloud app token and start with rancher-compose up -d.  Et voilà!
  • Visual configuration via Rancher Catalog template, just search for “Sematext” to find us

Docker Swarm Support

  • Automatic agent deployment to all Swarm nodes with a single command
  • Enrichment of logs with Swarm metadata like service name, service id, service instance, etc.

Service Auto-Discovery

  • Applications are discovered automatically by their image name
  • Monitoring agents start automatically upon application discovery
  • Configurable agent templates for custom settings