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In PagerDuty:

Create a new service:

  1. In your account, under the Services tab, click “Add New Service”.
  2. Select an Escalation Policy (e.g. default)
  3. Start typing “Sematext” for theIntegration Type,which will narrow your filtering.
  4. Click theAdd Servicebutton
  5. Once the service is created, you’ll be taken to the Service page. On this page, you’ll see the “Service API key,”which you will need when you configure Sematext products to send events to PagerDuty. Copy the “Service API Key“ to the clipboard.


  1. Navigate toSPM Application Settingsof your SPM App by clicking theApp Settingsbutton in the top-right when you’re in the SPM UI.

  2. Navigate toAlerts / PagerDuty

  3. Enter the API key from PagerDuty in the fieldService API key

  4. Press theSavebutton

Done.Every alert from your SPM app will be forwarded to PagerDuty, where you can manage escalation policies and configure notifications to other services like HipChat, Slack, Zapier, Flowdock, and more.