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Sematext Docker Agent is a modern, open-source, Docker-native monitoring and log collection agent. It runs as a tiny container on every Docker host and provides automatic collection and processing of Docker Metrics, Events and Logs for all cluster nodes and all auto-discovered containers. It works with Docker Swarm, Docker Enterprise Edition (EE), Docker Cloud, as well as Amazon ECS, Google Container Engine (GKE), Kubernetes, Mesos, Rancher, and CoreOS.


Key Features

Easy Setup

Deployable to any Docker-enabled platform within a few minutes: Docker Cloud, AWS ECS, etc.


Automatically discover any newly launched containers without manual intervention

Metrics + Logs + Events

Collect all Docker operational bits – metrics, logs, and events, both from Containers and their Hosts.

Orchestration Support

Use with Swarm, Docker Cloud, Docker Enterprise Edition, Amazon ECS, Kubernetes, Rancher, CoreOS, Mesos, etc.

Log Structure Parsing

Auto-detect and parse log formats for a number of applications out of the box; extensible with your own log parsing rules.

Log Enrichment

Auto-tag logs with image name, container name, Swarm and Kubernetes metadata; GeoIP enrichment

Log Routing

Route logs from different sets of containers to the right Logsene Application based on Container Labels.

Masking Sensitive Data

Hide sensitive data from the prying eyes by masking it before it is shipped, while still being able to look it up.

Secure & Reliable Data Transfer

All data is shipped via HTTPS; In case of network failure data is persisted and re-transmitted to avoid data loss.

Overage Protection

Logs don’t get rejected when you go over your daily log volume limit, yet you get to set absolute limits to avoid surprise bills.

Team Collaboration

Share Logs and Metrics with your team using role based access control. Invite more team members by e-mail, there is no limit in the number of users!

ChatOps Integration

Notify your DevOps team about critical issues, or react automatically with integrations for Slack, PagerDuty, HipChat or arbitrary web hooks.

Alerting on Metrics & Logs

Setup anomaly detection or threshold alerts on performance metrics per host, image or container. Spot critical log messages or high log frequency automatically.

Kibana & Grafana

Use native UI or built-in Kibana or even Grafana to build reports and dashboards with data from your logs.

Amazon S3 Archive

Got compliance requirements? Automatically archive all your logs to Amazon S3 for cheap long-term data retention.

Cloud & On Premises

Can’t ship your metrics or logs to the Cloud? No problem – On Premises solution is available, too.

Expert Support

Need help with monitoring or logging? Contact us! Our team of logging and monitoring experts can help.

Built by Docker Partners

Sematext is a recognized Docker Ecosystem Technology Partner for both Docker monitoring and logging

Can’t send your metrics or logs to the Cloud?

SPM & Logsene are available for ​On Premises, too!

Plans and Pricing

Basic Standard Pro Pro Silver Custom
Price (per Docker host per hour) free 3 hosts max $0.007 5 free containers $0.002/container/hour after that $0.011 8 free containers $0.003/container/hour after that $0.014 10 free containers $0.004/container/hour after that Custom
Data Retention 30 min 30 days 60 days 180 days Custom
Alert Rules 1 25 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Alerts: Threshold, Anomaly, Heartbeat
Infrastructure Monitoring (host and container metrics, container events)
Support email/live chat email/live chat email/live chat/phone email/live chat/phone email/live chat/phone
Custom Metrics / Month (for additional custom metrics) 10 50 250 500 Custom
Custom Datapoints / Month (for additional custom metrics) 500K 10M 50M 250M Custom
Events / Day (for additional arbitrary events) 100 5000 5000 5000 Custom
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Reference Architecture: Monitoring and Logging for Docker Enterprise Edition

Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) simplifies container orchestration and increases the flexibility and scalability of application deployments. However, the high level of automation create new challenges for monitoring and log management. Why? Because each container typically runs a single process, has its own environment, utilizes virtual networks, or has various methods of managing storage.

Read PDF or HTML version of the document.