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Sematext vs Uptrends

Even if you only want RUM or Infrastructure Monitoring, Uptrends requires you to pay for Uptime Monitoring, and then upcharges you. Sematext offers all our solutions separately, while bundling saves more.

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Sematext VS Uptrends

A single HTTP Monitor from Sematext vs a Basic Monitor from Uptrends.

Sematext VS Uptrends

Need Some Help Migrating?

As a bonus, our team will help you migrate from Uptrends to Sematext at no extra cost. We'll do all the heavy lifting we can so that you can jump on board without a hitch. Schedule a demo call with us today, and let's make the swap together.

Why Choose Sematext?

Sematext VS Uptrends

Affordable, Full-stack Observability.

Sematext offers Log Management, Synthetic Monitoring, Real User Monitoring, and Infrastructure Monitoring all in one place. Have full visibility of your entire stack from a single platform.

Sematext VS Uptrends

Separate Solutions. No Forced Bundles.

With Uptrends, if you want Real User Monitoring or Infrastructure Monitoring, you're forced to pay for Uptime Monitoring first. At Sematext, you can bundle, sure, but you can also utilize and pay for each solution individually.

Sematext VS Uptrends

Fast and Reliable Support Team.

No matter the situation, Sematext's users get a premium experience with our world-class support team. Get answers to your questions and be on your way as soon as possible.

Uptime Monitoring yesyes
Synthetic Monitoring yesyes
Real User Monitoring yesyes
Infrastructure Monitoring yesno
Log Monitoringyesno
Individually-Priced Solutionsyesno
Unlimited Status Pagesyesno
Unlimited RUM Dashboardsyesno
Unlimited Users ?yesno

Sematext vs Uptrend Pricing

When you look at Uptrend's pricing, it seems pretty good. But the price you see really only covers some basic uptime monitors. With each plan from Uptrends, you're charged extra for performance monitoring and API monitoring, two things that are automatically covered with a single HTTP monitor from Sematext. 

With Sematext, you are getting a lot more observability per monitor. Plus, you're not locked into paying for a bunch of add-ons if all you need is a single solution.

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Experience the Power of Unlimited

Uptrends prevents users from unlocking true observability by putting limits on things like Status Pages, RUM Dashboards, and users. Unless you fork out the big bucks and opt for their Business plan, you're going to be limited to only a handful of users, and you still won't get unlimited Status Pages or RUM Dashboards.

Sematext offers unlimited Status Pages with the Pro plan, and unlimited RUM Dashboards and Users for all plans.

Sematext VS Uptrends

Easy to Configure Alerts

Alerts are a vital aspect feature more any monitoring tool. They should be simple to setup and integrate with your favorite 3rd party service with ease. At least, that's what we believe at Sematext.

There are many ways to setup alerts within Sematext. On select components, it's a simple as clicking the alert icon in the top right corner. For certain Apps, it's also as simple as clicking on the alert icon at the top right.

Sematext VS Uptrends

No False Positives

False positives are a real mood breaker. These are alerts that tell you that your site is down when in fact it is not. These situations can sometimes happen due to temporary network glitches, but they certainly nothing less than inconvenient.

Sematext's Consecutive Runs solves this problem. When enabled, if your monitor fails, Sematext will immediately run that monitor again, up to a number of times configured by you. You will only be alerted if all those checks fail.

Sematext VS Uptrends

Sleek and Efficient UI

Sematext's interface is designed with the user in mind. Log in, access the information you need within a few clicks, and get back to your tasks without missing a beat. You can even connect related Apps and then view them in a split-screen overview to streamline troubleshooting and enhance your troubleshooting capabilities.

Sematext VS Uptrends

These G2 Charts Speak for Themselves

Good Partner in Business96%92%
Meets requirements91%91%
Ease of Use91%90%
Product Direction (% positive)100%82%
Quality of Support93%90%
Avg. ROI (months)5mo8mo

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A comprehensive monitoring solution that's got your back.
Sematext Cloud has great tools for watching systems and managing logs, making it simple to check how well things work and fix problems. The changeable dashboards give clear information, helping us make our apps and setup better.

Cassandra K. Sr. Business Program Manager