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Kubernetes Metrics

Kubernetes metrics

Sematext Agent seamlessly integrates with Kubernetes and cooperates with its leader election mechanism to elect one instance of the agent that is responsible for querying the API server and gathering the metrics. The list of supported metrics is summarized in the next section.

Global metrics

Metric name Description
number of nodes Represents the total nodes in the cluster
number of pods The total number of pods scheduled across nodes
number of deployments The total number of deployments in the cluster

Pod metrics

Metric name Description
pod restarts Represents the number of times particular pod has been restarted
container count Is the number of containers grouped inside the pod
succeeded pods Represents the number of pods that are successfully scheduled
failed pods Represents the number of failed pods
unknown pods Represents the number of pods that are in unknown state
pending pods Is the number of pods in pending state
running pods Reflects the current number of running pods

Deployment metrics

Metric name Description
number of replicas Represents the number of active deployment replicas
available replicas The number of pod instances targeted by the deployment
desired replicas Is the of number of non-terminated pods targeted by the deployment that have the desired template specification

PVC (Persistent Volume Claims) metrics

Metric name Description
available Is the number of available bytes in the volume
used Represents the number of used bytes in the volume
capacity Is the capacity in bytes of the volume