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Sematext Server Monitoring

Monitor bare metal servers with a simple Agent and use Sematext Cloud to show everything in a single App.

Create a Sematext Infra App

Creating a Sematext Infra App is as easy as choosing one of our integrations and giving the App a name.

New Infra App

Sematext can easily monitor your Infrastructure with the Sematext Agent. You can install the agent during the Infra App creation process by following the Bare-Metal / VM instructions.

See host metrics in Sematext Monitoring

Sematext Agent collects a plethora of metrics about hosts (CPU, memory, disk, network, processes).

Infra server metrics

Check also how you can monitor containerized and Kubernetes environments.

Core Infrastructure Alerting

As soon as you create an Infra App, Sematext automatically creates a set of default alert rules based on pre-defined conditions in important metrics. That way you get notified when there is no available disk space or memory is low, etc. Below you can see a list of default alert rules for server monitoring:

  • High average CPU usage: Monitor the average CPU usage, to maintain system responsiveness and prevent the CPU being maxed out for too long without noticing it
  • High and Critical CPU iowait time: Identify high CPU I/O wait times for efficient I/O operations and to prevent latency
  • High and Critical system CPU steal time: High steal time can cause significant problems, including slow I/O, slower processing and slower database querying time
  • High system load: Get insights into high system load levels to maintain resource availability
  • Low and Critical system available memory: Detect low and critically low available system memory to prevent performance issues, crashes and out-of-memory failures
  • High and Critical system used swap: Monitor high system swap usage to prevent excessive swap usage and system slowdown
  • High and Critical disk space utilization: Receive notifications about high disk space utilization to prevent storage space issues and data loss
  • High and Critical system process space utilization: Monitor high process space utilization (PID limit) for efficient process management and system stability

You can create additional alerts on any metric.