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Sematext Core Server Monitoring

Monitor over 40 different software integrations with Sematext by installing a simple Agent and using our interface that shows everything in one screen.

Create a Sematext Monitoring App

Creating a Sematext Monitoring App is as easy as choosing one of our integrations and giving the App a name.

Install the Sematext Agent

Sematext can easily monitor your Infrastructure and Applications with the Sematext Agent. Installing the Agent is as simple as running one command on each host.

Follow the Installation instructions when you create an App in Sematext to start shipping metrics.

See Application data in Sematext Monitoring

Sematext Agent collects a plethora of metrics about hosts (CPU, memory, disk, network, processes) and applications (Elasticsearch, JVM, Node.js, Redis, Nginx, and many more).

You can see host and container metrics or have a high-level overview of all your containers in Infrastructure reports.

Check out the Sematext Agent installation guide for more info.