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Announcing Scalable Performance Monitoring (SPM) for JVM

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Up until now, Sematext Monitoring existed in several flavors for monitoring Solr, HBase, ElasticSearch, and Sensei. Besides metrics specific to a particular system type, all these Sematext flavors also monitor OS and JVM statistics.  But what if you want to monitor any Java application?  Say your custom Java application run either in some container, application server, or from a command line?  You don’t really want to be forced to look at blank graphs that are really meant for stats from one of the above mentioned systems.  This was one of our own itches, and we figured we were not the only ones craving to scratch that itch, so we put together a flavor of Sematext for monitoring just the JVM and (Operating) System metrics.

Now Sematext lets you monitor OS and JVM performance metrics of any Java process through the following 5 reports, along with all other Sematext functionality like integrated Alerts, email Subscriptions, etc.  If you are one of many existing Sematext users these graphs should look very familiar.

JVM: heap, thread stats

We are not including it here, but the JVM report includes and additional and valuable Garbage Collection graph if you are using Java 7.

Garbage Collection: collection time & count

CPU & Memory: CPU stats breakdown, system load, memory stats breakdown, swap

Disk: I/O rates, disk space used & free

Network: I/O rates

To start monitoring, one should have a valid Sematext Apps account, which you can get free of charge here. After that, define a new Sematext JVM System, download the installation package, and proceed with the installation.  The whole process should take around 10 minutes (assuming you are not multitasking or suffer from ADD, that is).

Installation process is simple as always and described on the installer download page. After the installation is done, monitor is enabled in your Java process by adding just the following to the command line for the Java process/application you want to monitor: 

For example, if my application is com.sematext.Snoopy I could run it with parameters as shown here:

java -javaagent:/spm/spm-monitor/lib/spm-monitor-jvm-1.6.0-withdeps.jar=/spm/spm-monitor/conf/spm-monitor-config-YourSystemTokenHere-default.xml com.sematext.Snoopy

After you are finished with the installation, the stats should start to appear in Sematext after just a few minutes.

Happy monitoring!