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Sematext Enterprise Overview

Sematext Enterprise is private or on-premises version of Sematext Cloud.

Sematext Enterprise is available as a Helm Chart (package for Kubernetes) and can be installed as such. This will install everything, including components that have persistent storage.

Given enough resources, such as RAM, disk, and CPU, it is possible to run all these services on a single host, although this is not recommended for a production setup. The number of worker nodes will depend on the number of monitored servers and size of collected logs. For high availability a minimum of 3 worker nodes is required.

IMPORTANT: The Helm chart has Docker images as dependencies that will automatically be pulled and run. If your system is behind a firewall and cannot connect to the Internet to download anything we can help you meet those requirements.

Hardware Requirements

Each worker node needs to have:

  • Minimum 32 GB of RAM
  • Minimum 8 vCPUs
  • Minimum 150 GB of SSD disk storage

Software Requirements

  • Docker 18.06.x or newer -
  • Kubernetes 1.12.x or newer -
  • Helm v2.15.x (package manager for Kubernetes) -

Please contact us and we'll provide you with the evaluation copy of Sematext Enterprise for your organization.