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Sematext vs Pingdom

SolarWinds Pingdom is great for basic uptime checks, but it’s not a full-observability solution. In fact, you’d have to purchase multiple SolarWinds solutions - Pingdom, Loggly, and AppOptics - in order to get what Sematext offers on one platform.

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Sematext VS Pingdom

Why Choose Sematext?

Sematext VS Pingdom

Transparent pricing based on your needs. No sales quotas.

Sematext doesn't carry sales quotas. This means that you will never be chased down or harassed into spending your hard-earned money on something that you don't need or want.

Sematext VS Pingdom

Fast and reliable support team you can count on.

Sematext's support team is dedicated to giving you a fast, reliable, and premium experience no matter what. Get into contact with one of our support agents in a flash and get back to business.

Sematext VS Pingdom

One platform to troubleshoot your entire stack. Enjoy.

Troubleshoot performance issues proactively and detect potential business impacts with real-time data. View all your data, like logs, metrics, service availability, and performance in one place.

Uptime Monitoring yesyes
Real User Monitoring yesyes
Unified Solutions ?yesno
Easy Data Correlation yesno
Automated Log Discovery yesno
Service Discovery yesno
Alert scheduling ?yesno
Anomaly detection ?yesno
100+ Integrationsyesno

A single HTTP Monitor from Sematext vs a Uptime Monitor from Pingdom

Sematext VS Pingdom

Unified Solutions for Easy Data Correlation

SolarWinds boasts a lot in terms of capabilities, but their solutions are loosely stitched together.

In order to get the same insight that Sematext offers with a single solution, you’d have to utilize Pingdom, Loggly, and AppOptics. This means swapping between URLs, and the UX as well as the UI greatly suffers.

Sematext VS Pingdom

Logging, Synthetics, Real-User Monitoring, and Infrastructure Monitoring

Pingdom only offers real user monitoring and synthetic monitoring. This might be useful for some, but for those who want full visibility, you’ll have to invest in another one of SolrWinds expensive tools.

On the other hand, Sematext offers an all-in-one solution that gives you complete insight without having to swap platforms. With Sematext, you can conveniently monitor your website's availability using Synthetics, enhance user experience by analyzing real user data through RUM, evaluate the performance of your IT infrastructure with Infrastructure Monitoring, effortlessly utilize your through a centralized dashboard to pinpoint the root cause of any issues, and monitor your whole infrastructure in real-time with Infrastructure Monitoring.

Sematext VS Pingdom

Out-of-the-box Dashboards for Easy Integrations

Experience effortless dashboard setup like never before with our pre-built components. Easily integrate pie charts, donut charts, heat bars, heat maps, and geo maps with just a simple click. Avoid extensive learning curves and instantly gather valuable insights while efficiently addressing critical issues.

Sematext VS Pingdom

Advanced Reports at the Click of a Button

With Sematext, all of your reports for Events, Logs, Metrics, RUM, Synthetics, and Infrastructure are available with a single click in your dashboard. Correlate metrics with your application and server logs, events, alerts, anomalies, and much more. You can schedule your reports via email any time you'd like. You can even see Apdex, page load latency, and other metrics on a map via our Geography Reports

Sematext VS Pingdom

These G2 Charts Speak for Themselves

Good Partner in Business96%92%
Meets requirements91%91%
Ease of Use91%90%
Product Direction (% positive)100%82%
Quality of Support93%90%
Avg. ROI (months)5mo8mo

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Excellent solution for monitoring Solr.
Easy to use tool with good pre-configured default dashboards and reports. Outstanding customer service and support. Sematext's team responds quickly and constructively.

Gareth D. CEO