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Sematext vs

Uptime bundles Synthetic and Real User Monitoring, forcing you to pay for both, even if you only want one. Sematext, on the other hand, offers independent solutions for true Full-stack Monitoring.

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Sematext VS

A single HTTP Monitor from Sematext vs a Basic Monitor from

Sematext VS

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As a bonus, our team will help you migrate from to Sematext at no extra cost. We'll do all the heavy lifting we can so that you can jump on board without a hitch. Schedule a demo call with us today, and let's make the swap together.

Why Choose Sematext?

Sematext VS

Affordable, Full-stack Observability.

In addition to Uptime, Synthetic, and Real User Monitoring, Sematext also offers Infrastructure Monitoring and Log Management. View your entire stack from the scope of a single platform.

Sematext VS

Separate solutions, not unnecessary bundles

Sematext offers all four solutions separately. This means that, unlike with, users can take advantage of Real User Monitoring without also having to pay for Synthetics.

Sematext VS

Fast and Reliable Support Team.

No matter the situation, Sematext's users get a premium experience with our world-class support team. Get answers to your questions and be on your way as soon as possible.

Sematext vs Pricing

When comparing apples-to-apples, Uptime's offers look pretty good. But what are you really paying for? Mostly simple uptime checks! With each plan, you are limited to a very small number of API and page speed checks.

On the other hand, each HTTP monitor from Sematext is capable of uptime, API, and page load speed checks. You are getting significantly more per monitor with Sematext. All for roughly the same

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Experience the Power of Unlimited hinders their users with limited use of some of the most essential elements of observability - the number of users, status pages, and dashboards. If you want unlimited users, you'll have to fork out the big bucks and opt for their Premium, $379 per month plan. Even then, dashboards and status pages are still heavily limited.

Sematext offers unlimited users with any plan, unlimited status pages with the Pro plan, and unlimited dashboards with all RUM plans. We find it much easier to collaborate, share, and visualize when you aren't limited to just a few users, status pages, or dashboards.

Sematext VS

Real End-to-end Visibility

Imagine you go to a doctor and all they can do is check you from the outside. They can't check your lungs, heart, or your brain. That's what feels like to us. Observability with is limited. It offers only Synthetic Monitoring and Real User Monitoring, which is just the surface. If you want true insights for your whole stack, then simply isn't enough.

Sematext is more like a doctor who can also listen to your heart. It not only offers Synthetic Monitoring and Real User Monitoring like, but also Log Monitoring and Infrastructure Monitoring. With Sematext, when you get alerted on a failed API check, you can use Log Monitoring to identify the root cause. This is something you can't do with

Sematext VS

No False Positives

One of the common complaints about is the amount of false positives - alerts that tell you that your site is down when in fact it is not. Sometimes these situations happen due to temporary network glitches, but they certainly are inconvenient. Sematext's Consecutive Runs solves this exact problem. When this is enabled, if your monitor fails, Sematext will run that monitor again immediately, up to N times - configurable by you - and alert you only if all those checks fail.

Sematext VS

Sleek and Efficient UI

Sematext's user interface is designed with simplicity and clarity in mind. Log in, quickly access the information you need, and seamlessly continue with your tasks without missing a beat. Connect related Apps and view them in a split-screen overview to streamline troubleshooting and enhance your troubleshooting capabilities.

Sematext VS

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Good Partner in Business96%92%
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Ease of Use91%90%
Product Direction (% positive)100%82%
Quality of Support93%90%
Avg. ROI (months)5mo8mo

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A comprehensive monitoring solution that's got your back.
Sematext Cloud has great tools for watching systems and managing logs, making it simple to check how well things work and fix problems. The changeable dashboards give clear information, helping us make our apps and setup better.

Cassandra K. Sr. Business Program Manager