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Website Monitoring

Measure website performance and availability with powerful monitoring tools. Effective end-to-end visibility for faster troubleshooting and optimal user experience.

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Website Monitoring

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Website Performance Monitoring

Improve the time it takes to solve issues. Sematext’s website performance monitoring services provide details on any dips in performance and alert you in the event of an incident.

  • Fix critical website performance issues before they affect your users
  • Monitor website page load times
  • Benchmark competitor performance over time
  • Flexible alerts notifications
  • Receive alerts through Slack, VictorOps, Zapier, OpsGenie, and many more
  • Fully customizable dashboards that fit your exact need

Real User Monitoring (RUM)

With Real User Monitoring software, you can visualize how actual end users interact with and experience your website or webapp. Get real-time data to understand and avoid site performance issues like degradation or downtimes.

  • Get support for single page application
  • Monitor Apdex score
  • Get a detailed performance report on Core Web Vitals
  • Map user journeys in real time

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Synthetic Monitoring

Simulate critical web transactions with Synthetic monitoring services. Test and monitor website load times and functionality to predict users’ behavior, understand their experience and avoid live performance issues.

  • Monitor website uptime and API health
  • Ensure end-to-end visibility into all the components of your website
  • Dig down to the heart of the error with the advanced incident report
  • Get support for all major website frameworks

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Website Uptime Monitoring

Be the first to know when your site is down. Provide an amazing service to customers from across the world by monitoring website availability or uptime.

  • Monitor website performance and uptime from multiple locations, browsers, devices, and connection speeds
  • Track Core Web Vitals
  • Monitor website availability from private networks and behind firewalls
  • Benchmark your website performance against your competitors

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Website Security

Sematext monitors website security certificates expiry and helps you make sure they’re up to date.

  • Track SSL/TLS certificate status with out-of-the-box dashboards
  • Create SSL certificates alerts
  • Monitor the entire website security certificate chain

Public Website Status Pages

Ensure business transparency with public or private status pages. Efficiently communicate incidents by sharing the real-time status of your web services, updates, or planned outages with your customers or colleagues.

  • Get a custom domain for your status page
  • Create customizable pages with logo, name, and more
  • Get granular information on your services
  • Show details on website uptime and response time right on your page

Sematext: Your All-in-One Monitoring Solution

Sematext offers easy-to-use monitoring tools to ensure full-stack observability from a single pane of glass. Combine synthetic and real user data with metrics, traces, and logs for optimum application performance.

Website Monitoring Resources

Use these resources to learn more about website performance monitoring use cases and best practices.

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