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[YARN-9505] Add container allocation latency for Opportunistic Scheduler - YARN - [issue]
...This will help in tuning the opportunistic scheduler and it's configuration parameters....    Author: Abhishek Modi , 2019-04-23, 19:57
[YARN-9448] Fix Opportunistic Scheduling for node local allocations. - YARN - [issue]
...Right now, opportunistic container might not get allocated on rack local node even if it's available.Nodes are right now blacklisted if any container except node local container is allocated...    Author: Abhishek Modi , 2019-04-19, 16:42
[YARN-9474] Remove hard coded sleep from Opportunistic Scheduler tests. - YARN - [issue]
...Remove hard coded sleep from Opportunistic Scheduler tests and improve logs....    Author: Abhishek Modi , 2019-04-15, 03:25
[YARN-9435] Add Opportunistic Scheduler metrics in ResourceManager. - YARN - [issue]
...Right now there are no metrics available for Opportunistic Scheduler at ResourceManager. As part of this jira, we will add metrics like number of allocated opportunistic containers, released...    Author: Abhishek Modi , 2019-04-12, 09:06
[YARN-9382] Publish container killed, paused and resumed events to ATSv2. - YARN - [issue]
...There are some events missing in container lifecycle. We need to add support for adding events for when container gets killed, paused and resumed. ...    Author: Abhishek Modi , 2019-04-08, 06:14
[YARN-9428] Add metrics for paused containers in NodeManager - YARN - [issue]
...Add metrics for paused containers in NodeManager....    Author: Abhishek Modi , 2019-04-02, 02:27
[YARN-9402] Opportunistic containers should not be scheduled on Decommissioning nodes. - YARN - [issue]
...Right now, opportunistic containers can get scheduled on Decommissioning nodes which we are draining and thus can lead to killing of those containers when node is decommissioned. As part of ...    Author: Abhishek Modi , 2019-03-21, 19:15
[YARN-9392] Handle missing scheduler events in Opportunistic Scheduler. - YARN - [issue]
...At present newly added scheduler events are not being ignored by Opportunistic scheduler causing error messages in logs....    Author: Abhishek Modi , 2019-03-20, 02:18
[YARN-9390] Add support for configurable Resource Calculator in Opportunistic Scheduler. - YARN - [issue]
...Right now, Opportunistic scheduler uses hard coded DominantResourceCalculator and there is no option to change it to other resource calculators. This Jira is to make resource calculator conf...    Author: Abhishek Modi , 2019-03-20, 02:17
[YARN-9383] Publish federation events to ATSv2. - YARN - [issue]
...With federation enabled, containers for a single application might get spawned across multiple sub-clusters. This information right now is not getting published to ATSv2. As part of this jir...    Author: Abhishek Modi , 2019-03-12, 11:15