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[MESOS-907] Add Kerberos Authentication support - Mesos - [issue]
...MESOS-704 added basic authentication support using CRAM-MD5 through SASL. Now we should integrate Kerberos authentication using GSS-API, which is already supported by SASL. Kerberos is a wid...    Author: Adam B , 2018-09-14, 13:11
[MESOS-3123] DockerContainerizerTest.ROOT_DOCKER_Launch_Executor_Bridged fails & crashes - Mesos - [issue]
...Fails the test and then crashes while trying to shutdown the slaves.[ RUN      ] DockerContainerizerTest.ROOT_DOCKER_Launch_Executor_Bridged../../src/tests/docker_containerize...    Author: Adam B , 2018-07-17, 09:02
[MESOS-2317] Remove deprecated checkpoint=false code - Mesos - [issue]
...Cody's plan from MESOS-444 was:1) Make it so the flag can't be changed at the command line2) Remove the checkpoint variable entirely from slave/flags.hpp. This is a fairly involved change si...    Author: Adam B , 2018-01-12, 09:21
[MESOS-905] Remove in favor of - Mesos - [issue] currently holds the correct FrameworkId, but Framework also contains a FrameworkInfo, and the is not necessarily set.I propose that we eliminate the Framework.i...    Author: Adam B , 2018-01-12, 09:20
[MESOS-3401] Add labels to Resources - Mesos - [issue]
...Similar to how we have added labels to tasks/executors (MESOS-2120), and even FrameworkInfo (MESOS-2841), we should extend Resource to allow arbitrary key/value pairs.This could be used to s...    Author: Adam B , 2018-01-12, 09:20
[MESOS-2018] Dynamic Reservation - Mesos - [issue]
...OverviewThis is a feature to provide better support for running stateful services on Mesos such as HDFS (Distributed Filesystem), Cassandra (Distributed Database), or MySQL (Local Database)....    Author: Adam B , 2017-05-26, 21:27
[MESOS-3014] Support network egress bandwidth as a first-class resource - Mesos - [issue]
...Mesos 0.23.0 introduced `--egress_rate_limit_per_container=100MB` for statically configuring a fixed, per-container limit on outbound network bandwidth, but if this were instead a standard r...    Author: Adam B , 2017-04-26, 16:54
[MESOS-910] Add SSL support to Mesos - Mesos - [issue]
...Currently all the messages that flow through the Mesos cluster are unencryptedmaking it possible for intruders to intercept and potentially control your task.We plan to add encryption suppor...    Author: Adam B , 2017-04-26, 16:52
[MESOS-911] Add pluggable authorization interface - Mesos - [issue]
...This tracks the implementation of the basic authorization interface....    Author: Adam B , 2017-04-26, 16:52
[MESOS-2390] HADOOP_HOME no longer works with fetcher - Mesos - [issue]
...As of commit "699e638ef80739203ed38ba7238bbc176b107355 Consolidate all fetcher env vars into one that holds a JSON object." the HADOOP_HOME environment variable is no longer set when startin...    Author: Adam B , 2017-04-26, 16:45